Westrikatt Sahara

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January 2019

As mentioned in the Hummie write-up, Ra ra became pregnant with a second litter soon after the previous kittens had left. She hadn't long been for a vet check up and vacs and fortunately he was happy that she was in excellent condition to produce another litter.

She was a wonderful Mum again and as 3 of the 4 were amber, it was a lovely treat to have these unusual and hoped for colours.

Ra Ra spends most of her time upstairs at the moment, but descend on you with much affection to be stroked and petted then disappears again! She was the 'A' female and has had her position challenged by a new, younger, version - Sweetie' - which she clearly doesn't find that fantastic and is still working out what to do to retain her top position.

We will just have to wait and see!


Ra Ra aged 3 , Sept 2016

Sept 2016

Ra Ra - has been the best ever mother. Surprisingly, she gave birth to her two kittens without any fuss or demanding I was in attendance. She was very good allowing 'Little Astrid' to give birth to her kittens in the same small birthing box and cared for them while she recovered from an emergency caesarean.

She has a favourite spot to sleep in the outside run where she can keep an eye on the 'garden happenings' and sleeps on the spare bedroom bed at night.

Ra Ra is a very accomplished bug catcher and in particular likes white butterflies. When they were younger, she would catch and bring them to the kittens to play with.

Although a beautiful quality within the breeding standard, Ra Ra's coat is never going to be long and full, as it is a completely different texture to some of our other cats. She keeps it in perfection and the white fur is always glowing.


Bit about her

January 2014

Our new kitten has been with us for several weeks now and is best friends with 'Bombshell' who is doing her best to show her lots of naughty things to do!

Surprisingly Sahara has also adopted our male Hummie as a friend, and being the good natured cat he is, they are often found curled up together or he grooms her to perfection or chases her round the garden.

November 2013

Sahara has come to live with us at long last and is busy settling in and making friends with the big cats.

I have been visiting her regularly, since she was a few hours old and her breeders Barney and Vera have been very tolerant of me taking up so much of their days and it is good thing we are long time friends!

06/09/2014 VCC Coventry - CAC, Judge Marion Cooper, Australia
22/3/2014 VCC Wolverhampton - Ex 2. Judge Anne Paloluoma, Finland
13/12/2014 Garden of England CC Swanley - Ex2, Judge Yan Rocha Folch, (France)


SexFemale NFC
Date of birth28th August 2013
FIFe codeNFO f 02 21 64
ColourBlack tortie harlequin tabby. Green eyes (Amber carrier)
SireHojmarken's Omnium. NFO nt 24
DamPrima Donna di Catinaccio. NFO f 03
BreederBarney and Vera Wright, UK
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameRa Ra
PedigreePedigree for Sahara