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Bob aged 11 years and 4 months

Sept 2016

Where do you start, when describing Bob? She is a very fat cat, with a huge, dense, coat, so it is just a tortie, furry, mass that greets you whenever you sit down. This may be just for a minute, but she will always be there, expecting strokes and cuddles and the fat Bob paw taps you as a reminder of her presence, if you try to ignore her!

She drives me mad walking over the keyboard on the computer, in order to get noticed. I don't know how many times I have had to call a computer expert to sort out the problems she has made, by selecting all sorts of key combinations!

As she gets older, she can be quite cantankerous and has developed arthritis, although it isn't too bad and she doesn't seem to be in any pain most days. In spite of this, she can out run any of the other cats and kittens when it comes to getting treats. She tries to paw the treat tin onto the floor, hoping it will open and she can enjoy all the contents!

I have noticed that all her pictures show her squarely looking straight at the camera. She is no shrinking violet!

Bob in a basket


I think we may be half way to finding a solution with Bob hogging the computer space. I found an idea on the internet to have a box or basket on the desk (you know how they like to squeeze into a box) and they can sleep in it while you are working, so here is the end result.

So far, so good, but you can clearly see she struggles to fit all of her ample curves, into it!

Click for a larger image of Bob

Update February 2013

- After providing us with an abundance of beautiful kittens over the years, Bob has now been neutered. She will enjoy her retirement with the rest of the cats in our home. ************************************************************

Bit about her

Bob was my daughter's choice of kitten and she is responsible for choosing the masculine name for a very feminine cat, however we have all grown used to it now. Bob had some very good results on the show bench as a kitten, but didn't enjoy it as a young adult so we decided to respect her views and no longer attends them.

She loves motherhood and tries to be an authoritative Mum to her kittens. It is fun to watch her teach them the various growing up skills and she is very verbal in her instructions to them, even when they are too busy playing to take any serious notice of her!

She still holds the position of top feline in our home, although the other girls challenge her from time to time. She is a cuddly cat, full of affection and purrs a lot.

Bob's photo Gallery


SexNeutered female NFC
Date of birth11th May 2005
FIFe codeNFO f 09 23
ColourBlack tortie tabby and white
GCCF67 31et
SireD*Smedjebackenís Idris
DamN*Cikada's Athene Amia
BreederVera and Barney Wright, UK
TestsGSD IV Negative
ShowingDoesn't enjoy showing
Pet nameBob