Supreme Premier Westrikatt Kess

Supreme Premier Westrikatt Kess

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Jan 2019

At this time of writing, Gateaux is 15 years and about 10 months old. Even after all these years - his personality hasn't changed in the slightest and he is still the most wonderful, feline and human adored super cat. Everyone loves his regal company, including any visitors, where he likes to makes his presence known, by fluffing around people.

Although in good health for his age, he has lost lots of weight and become very needy and will randomly meow for me to come and find him in our home or garden, but for no real reason and then content to be stroked and kissed. Every night he sleeps on the bed and will often wake me up with a gentle paw on the face - just for a cuddle and to let you know he is still there.

His favorite treats are 'Milkies' and he demands them at regular intervals, by sitting in the kitchen and not budging until he gets one. I think they are a bit rich for him and I water them down so he can digest them and he seems satisfied with that.


Sept 2016

Gosh, I hadn't realised that I hadn't made an update about my lovely Gateaux, in such a long time. I suppose it is because he is such a predictable cat and also kitten updates and images have taken up more of my time. At the time of writing, he is 13.5 years old and as elegant and aristocratic as ever. He has moved into his senior years and a bit slower than before, his coat isn't quite as good, but he remains round about 6.5 kilos in weight. He is in good health, but had a bout of pancreatitis a couple of years ago, but seems better now.

Gat has been super tolerant of all the new cats and kittens that have passed through our cattery over the years, and he certainly enjoys their food! He still sleeps on the same spot at the bottom of my bed every night, and if someone else is in that space, he sits on them until they move! He has become a bit more 'needy' in the last few years and will wake me up in the early hours with a gentle paw on my face, just to have a cuddle for a couple of minutes, then goes back to sleep again.

He enjoys attention and new kitten owners often like to see what an 'older version' of a NFC will turn into and I have had more offers of a home for him, than I can remember! Of course, he will stay here forever.


Bit about him

'Gateaux' is a handsome silver tabby neuter boy and has a superb temperament and is very much 'my' cat. He always likes to be in favour and becomes upset if I tell him off, even for something small. He is the head of our feline family and attempts to keep the girls under control and from having too many female squabbles.

He is adored by all the other cats, especially his favourite Cosima, and he turns a blind eye to any of the naughty things she is inclined to do! All the kittens want to be like him and they to try and find a cosy spot where they can curl up and sleep in his ample fur, which often results in him being covered in a pile of little kittens! When he has had enough of them he just gets up and walks away, in spite of who may still be hanging on! Gateaux loves food and particularly kitten food and his girth always expands when there is a litter around and he needs to go on a diet as soon as they have gone to their new homes.

He still loves going to cat shows and puts on a perfect performance on the show bench and knows how to win over the charms of a judge with a gentle nudge of the paw or a fluff of his beautiful tail and every show report we have ever had, compliments his super nature. He is a good ambassador for the breed and makes sure he gets his own attention when new kittens owners visit us.

Gateaux won the ultimate title of 'Supreme Premier' in 2009 and has gone into retirement, and will occasionally make an appearance at shows, for as long as he enjoys it.

Gateaux's photo Galleries Including some new pictures of him as a kitten

Best in Show Neuter, 16/06/2007 and 17/06/2007
Nominated, Best in Breed and Best in Variety many times in his showing years


SexMale Neutered NFC
Date of birth3rd Mar 2003
FIFe codeNFO ns 23
ColourSilver tabby
GCCF67 18
SireD*Smedjebackens Idris
DamN*Athene Av Heddalsasen
BreederVera and Barney Wright, UK
ShowingFIFe Supreme Premier and GCCF Premier
Pet nameGateaux
PedigreePedigree for Gateaux