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January 2019

We were so saddened when Tilly was neutered in 2018, as she was bought as a potential queen and we hoped to have super kitten from her. However, she is a wonderful neuter and such a 'Tom Boy' that I now wonder if motherhood was really for her?

She is an enormous cat and still shows signs of growing! Not overweight, but now taller than all my cats and with a huge coat. Actually her red coat is a nightmare to look after as it is that soft wooly fur, that knots when you look at it. It doesn't help that she likes to sit outside in the rain - which makes it worse.

She is best friend with new girl 'Sweetie' and they engage in plenty of rough play and hide and seek.

Tilly can twist and turn into the most peculiar positions when you pet her and absolutely loves her ears being scratched. Such a softie.

F xx


Unfortunately Tilly had to be neutered earlier this year.

December 2017

Tilly has been with us a couple of months now and it is as if she has always lived here. She probably took less than a day to settle in and had the house mapped out within hours and mastered the cat flaps almost immediately!

She adores being the centre of attention and if nobody wants to play with her, she will pounce on her feline housemates to get a reaction, but the older cats get fed up of her antics, especially if they were sleeping. Strangely she loves our cat litter (a fine ultra clumping one) and she rolls, jumps in and out of the trays as I attempt to clean them out and as soon as they are clean again, feels the urge to be the first to use them.

She has a reserved space on the bed and sleeps there every night. If I wake up, she expects a cuddle, purring loudly, while washing your face, unless you are quick enough to dive under the duvet!

Tilly loves our safe cat garden and will spend lots of time outside. She will sit outside in the rain and sometimes comes in with slugs woven into her ample coat. Yuk, Yuk! We had snow recently and it was clearly very exciting, although she didn't know if she should eat it, chase the snowflakes, or just have fun running about in it.

A very confident young lady, immensely smiley, happy and contented, always wants to please and be liked, flirty, bit of a show off, and a total joy to own and love! I am more than indebted to her breeder Judith MacArthur at Old Possum's, for selecting this kitten for me and also bringing her down from Scotland.

Fiona xx

Tilly around 16 weeks old

18/1/2020 Felis Britannica Winners Show, Leamington Spa CAPIB. Judge Dorota Szadurska (Poland)
8/9/2019 Viking Cat Club. Leamington Spa, CAPIB, BIV, Best female neuter, Best Neuter. Judge John Hanson (UK)
7/9/2019 Viking Cat Club, Leamington Spa, CAPIB, BIV. Judge Lean Björkander (Sweden)
17/3/2019 Viking Cat Club, Henley in Arden, CAPIB. Judge Mirek Skotarczyk (Poland)
16/3/2019 Viking Cat Club, Henley in Arden, CAPIB. Judge Olga Komissarova (Estonia)
19/1/2019 Felis Britannica Winners Show, Leamington Spa, CAP. Judge Magdalena Kudra (Poland
9/9/2018 Viking Cat Club, Ryton on Dunsmore, CAP. Judge Gianfranco Mantovani (Italy)
8/9/2018 Viking Cat Club, Ryton on Dunsmore, CAP, Nominated. Judge Youssef Khaled, (Czech Republic)


SexFemale NFC
Date of birth1st July 2017
FIFe codeNFO d 09 24
ColourRed and white spotted tabby
SireElvdal's Versace
DamOld Possum's Quinoa
BreederJudith MacArthur, UK
ShowingPremier (19/1/19), International Premier 19/1/2020
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameTilly
PedigreePedigree for Tilly