Nordligdrom Gateaux's Star

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March 2020

I wanted to keep a female from this litter as it was such a nice mating. It was really hard to choose between 'Star' and her sister but I decided on her as she is slightly quieter and perhaps easier to handle at a show, if we decide to go down that route.

It is early days yet so we will see how she develops. In the mean time she is enjoying playing and growing up.



SexFemale NFC
Date of birth17th December 2019
FIFe codeNFO n 03 23
ColourBlack mackerel tabby bicolour
SireSC Marvin Gaye Forest Myths, DVM. NFO n 09 22
DamCh Afjord's Sweet Sunshine. NFO n 09 23
BreederFiona Peek
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameStar
PedigreePedigree for Star