Champion Nordligdrom Cosima

Champion Nordligdrom Cosima

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January 2019

Another one of my old - in age - neuters, Cosi is remarkably spritely and can still leap up in one go to higher places, than any other of my cats.

She adores Gateaux and since being a very young cat, he has allowed her to suckle from him - or being a male, just suck his tummy fur and be padded by her. Although a bit strange to humans it is something they seem to enjoy and some of my kittens have also done this. However with the arrival of 'Sweetie' and her new status, Cosi has to sit on the sideline at times until she feels safe to presume this favour!

I very often hear from the owners of her only litter of kittens - (all males) - and they look so like her but twice as big! It is so nice that we keep in touch.


Cosi aged 9 years old, Sept 2016

Sept 2016

Cosi - as we call her - has a very strong personality and is the most vocal of all our cats. She adores Gateaux, and in spite of him being a male neuter, he allows her to suckle from him although she just seems to suck the fur on his tummy. It is an agreeable arrangement, which has occurred since she was very young - no idea why!

While she may appear a nice, easy going cat, I will definitely not be coming back to this world as a rodent or bird etc. She is probably the best hunter in Marlow - and her now grown up kittens - have displayed exactly the same characteristics. She is also the 'climber' in the feline family and will go to any extreme to get to the highest point possible. Most of the time this isn't a problem, but I am now on my second TV in the bedroom where she knocked it down while trying to walk along it. Current one is screwed down!

She is a really affectionate cat and likes human attention and to show off when we have visitors.


Bit about her

Cosima was the last born kitten from Astrid’s 2007 litter, who we kept out of sheer indulgence and just because we enjoy having her around. She has a sweet, but strong nature, lots of verbal undertones and enjoys being the centre of attention.

Her long awaited first taste of motherhood came about in summer 2009 and she undertook her maternal duties very seriously, with her own 5 kittens and those belonging to her Mum, Astrid. These indulged litters grew up with two immensely proud Mums who were always in constant attendance and there was plenty of milk available along with lots of playmates around.

Reluctantly we had Cosima neutered in April 2011.

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SexFemale Neuter NFC
Date of birth27th July 2007
FIFe codeNFO n 23
ColourBlack tabby
GCCF67 20
Sire GCCF Imperial Champion Coscathas Leo
DamNordligdrom Astrid
BreederFiona Peek, UK
Pet nameCosi
PedigreePedigree for Cosi