Champion Nordligdrom Bombshell

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October 2017

Reluctantly we had Little Astrid neutered this month. Sadly, she lost her litter in April 2017, following complications with a cesarean, and with the vets making every effort to save the kittens.

We decided to let her recover for 6 months before spaying her.

Aged nearly 3 years.
Sorry, I find black cats incredibly difficult to photograph!

Sept 2016

'Little Astrid' was pleased when the last of her kittens went. A couple stayed longer as their new owners had a long holiday booked. While adoring them as babies, both Ra Ra and Little Astrid definitely got fed up of their demands, as they reached the equivalent to becoming teenagers, probably a view that may be shared by many humans!

She is a real outdoor cat and now that her motherhood duties have ceased, she spends much of her time in the garden and on a special shelf which allows her to see who is coming and going in the street. Although the cat flap is set to 'in' only at night, she is the only one of our cats who can manage to open it in that setting, so lets herself out at dawn, if it suits her.

She is always up to play with a toy and rushes to the drawer where some of the more 'special' ones are kept so she can have first choice of them.


Bit about her

June 2013

We weren't planning to keep Bombshell (named after the surprise of an unexpected litter) however she tried extremely hard to stay at the cattery and won us over in the end.

She has a strong, bold, spirit, but is very affectionate and has a way of tilting her head, making her look very sweet and innocent. She has lovely, long, blond, tufts from her ears, which seem to talk to you, when she moves her ears about!

Affectionately called 'Little Astrid' she loves to steal things - ranging from the washing up cloth, sweets in shiny paper or anything else that takes her fancy and of course she hides them in all sorts of places.

Her picture galleries

06/9/2014 VCC, Coventry - CAC. Judge Marion Cooper, Australia - made up to Champion
10/5/2014 GOE Club, Swanley - CAC. Judge Martin Kabina, Czech Republic
22/3/2014 VCC Wolverhampton - CAC and Nominated. Judge Anne Paloluoma, Finland
7/9/2013 Viking Cat Club Coventry - Ex 1. Judge Ulrike Wahl, Denmark


SexFemale NFC
Date of birth27th January 2013
FIFe codeNFO n 09 (Amber carrier)
ColourBlack and white
SireNL* Deyley's Top Thrill Dragster
DamGB* Nordligdrom Astrid
BreederFiona Peek, UK
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameLittle Astrid
PedigreePedigree for Little Astrid