Nordligdrom Astrid

Nordligdrom Astrid

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June 2013

Astrid has been neutered as she is 7 years old now, and we have been privileged to have some wonderful kittens from her. We have kept her daughter 'Bombshell', so we hope to be able to continue her line in the future.

Astrid is one of Bob's female kittens from her first litter and is jet black, but has a tiny sprinkling of a few white hairs on her tummy, which she often passes on to her kittens. She is a long, lean cat and she trots everywhere as if in a hurry and on an urgent mission. She loves looking out windows and has a favourite high up viewing spot in the garden where she can watch the world go by.

She is an excellent and contented Mum to her own kittens, but happy to feed and groom any other kittens that are also around. She is a very sweet, gentle cat and purrs and chirps very quietly.

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SexNeutered female NFC
Date of birth30th June 2006
FIFe codeNFO n 09
ColourBlack and white
GCCF67 31
SireD*Hoejmarken's Goliath
DamWestrikatt Shannon
BreederFiona Peek, UK
ShowingDoesn't enjoy showing
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameAstrid