Supreme Premier Nordligdrom Applique

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January 2019

At age 12, Applique is now your typical, matronly, lazy, neuter, female and spends most of the day sleeping on the sofa. She find no reason to change this pattern other than to have a stroll around the garden now and again or find a sunny spot to bathe in.

She is pretty well at the bottom of the feeding pecking order and so she gets a special plate of wet food away from the others at breakfast time and she loves this special attention and being moved up the feline ranks.

KiKi still adores being groomed and I get handfuls out of her ample coat. I am now storing all their excess fur in an outside hanging bird feeder so the birds can use it to make their nests nice and warm for their babies. Good use of recycled fur!


Aged 10 years and 3 months, Sept 2016

Sept 2016

I am particularly fond of Appliqué and she is a great big NFC, representing the best of our breed.

Sadly, she is also bottom cat in the pecking order, for whatever reason felines choose. She is a bit of a loner and gets picked on, (unless I am around to sort out any squabbles) and she has no affection for any kittens, which is probably not a good thing with a proud NFC mother, who adores her offsprings and feels everyone else should do too!

She loves to be groomed more than anything else in the world and while serving the purpose of removing handfuls of surplus hair, she enjoys the attention directed on just her, while the other cats have to wait their turn.


Bit about her

June 2013

Appliqué is Astrid's sister and from our first litter of Norwegian Forest Cat kittens. She is a very pretty cat, with rich tortie colours and a striking red nose. As a mature neutered cat now, she has developed a full, thick, dense coat and a very bushy tail and has the 'wild' look associated with the breed.

She has done immensely well at cat shows, although she wasn't the greatest fan of them. Now that she has reached the ultimate title of Supreme Premier, she has gone into retirement to enjoy her days sleeping in sunny spots in the garden, curled up on one of the beds or some other comfy place.

She doesn't enjoy the delights of having kittens around, so the recent litters of 2012/2013 have been an interesting challenge and she has managed to stay out of their way for most of the time!

Applique's photo Gallery

Best in Show Neuter, 10th and 11th June 2010
Best in show Opposite Sex Neuter, April 2009
Best in Show Neuter, 9th and 10th August 2008
Best in Show Neuter, June 2008
Best in Show Neuter, February 2008
15 Nominations
Numerous Best in Variety awards


SexFemale Neutered NFC
Date of birth30th June 2006
FIFe codeNFO f 23
ColourBlack tortie tabby
GCCF67 20e
SireD*Hoejmarken's Goliath
DamWestrikatt Shannon
BreederFiona Peek, UK
ShowingFIFe Supreme Premier and GCCF Premier
Pet nameKiki
PedigreePedigree for Appliqué