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January 2019

Hummie is just like a big fat teddy bear, with a soppy personality.

He was never really cut out to be a very masculine, stud cat - hating being separated from the others. As he stopped spraying, he edged his way slowly into the house and you could see him smiling with contentment, just being inside. After siring a couple of much earlier litters, he was uninterested in mating any of the calling females, so we decided everything was over with his fertile days. Never trust a male NFC! Out of the blue he mated our female shortly after her earlier litter left and we went on to have a magnificent litter of look alike amber kittens with temperaments to match him.

It was obvious he would not be happy being separated again so he has been neutered and is now a rather rotund, but happy cat.


Hummie aged 5 1/2 years old


Hummie has now been neutered

Sept 2016

Hummie, really is such a nice cat and loves to be part of the family and live inside with us all. He likes to sleep on the window ledge in the bedroom most nights, but sometimes cuddles up on the bed too.

He is very affectionate and pretty in the face and at first glance he looks like a female. He is often found with his front two legs crossed over each other, a bit like the 'lucky' sign when we keep our fingers crossed.

He isn't your usual dominant male stud cat and doesn't like it if he has to live outside in his run, even if it is for just a couple of nights because he has decided to spray, which is never welcome in a house! He is very good with the kittens and genuinely enjoys playing with them. He has passed his genes to 'Little Astrid's' kittens and they too have the long ear furnishings and his big, loud, purr.

His coat is a bit short at the moment and hopefully it will come back again once we get some cooler weather.


Bit about him

November 2013

Hummie is a real joy to be around and he is always pleased to greet us, very affectionate in his nature and loves to be cuddled. As he doesn't spray and the entire females are on the contraception pill, he has been living and sleeping with us in our home for several weeks now.

He has made his peace with 'Gateaux' our male neuter, although they will probably never be best friends. He still adores our silver queen KitKat and is never far away from her, but is often found cuddled up very contently with his daughter or the neuters.

12th February 2013

Since writing about Hummie at the beginning of this year, quite a lot has changed and he has become the father of a further 2 litters with 5 kittens in each!!

It really did take us by surprise and was very unexpected, as he showed all the effects and benefits of having the implant, but I guess there will always be always exceptions........

His kittens have been an absolute delight to welcome into our home, although I think we will be keeping an extra special watch on him in the future!!!!

Hummie's Jan 2014 gallery and others

Early January 2013

He has now been with us for 1 year now and is clearly settled in and a big part of our feline family. An affectionate, good looking cat, he became a Dad for the first time in Oct 2012 and he and 'Bob' produced 5 beautiful kittens - 4 girls and a boy.

Shortly after the kittens were born, we decided to have Hummie chipped. Although he sired a very nice litter he failed to put on weight as he was more interested in trying to charm our female cats, than eating! The 'chip' is a hormone which makes him act as a neuter for a period of time, thus giving him time to develop and mature. During the short time he has been on it he has added considerable body weight, grown a good coat and looks more like a male NFC! Eventually it will wear off and we hope to have further litters from him.

April 2012

It is now 3 months since Hummie came to UK. He has settled in really well and is happy and contented in his new home and to be part of our family. He has very comfortable accommodation, plus access to a spacious and interesting outside run, which has many premium viewing points and different hiding and climbing places. He also spends lots of time exploring the garden, playing and socialising, with the other cats. His best friend is still KitKat and they are always found together whenever possible.

The warmer weather has brought a short, but thick summer coat, so he doesn't look as striking as he did when it was cooler, however he still has a fantastic thick, long tail.

He is well named as Hummie as he really does sing to you and loves to be cuddled and have his tummy tickled.

February 2012

'Hummie' has now been with us for a month. The other cats have accepted him in our household and even the old silver neuter - Gateaux, who has always been the top cat, is very tolerant of this new, handsome, young male. Unfortunately, Hummie has to live outside, but we do allow him in under supervision and definitely a watchful eye as he is inclined to spray in his enthusiasm to be with us all! He has a very sweet nature and an extensive vocabulary of various trills, squeaks and meows which I am sure are all interesting things he has to tell us.

January 2012

'Humbugs' or perhaps we will call him his Dutch pet name of 'Hummie' finally joined us in January 2012 after almost 11 months of planning for his arrival. Unfortunately he was subject to the old Pet Passport rules and the date we were due to import him, turned out to be the approximately the same as the new travel rules.

I travelled out to Netherlands to see him several times as he was growing up and was even able to take him to his first show in Schiedam, a very pretty town near Rotterdam.

Hummie photo Galleries

7.9.13 Viking Cat Club, Coventry - CAC. Judge Ulrike Wahl. Made up to Champion
17.3.2013 Viking Cat Club, Wythall - CAC. Judge D Mastrangelo
29.1.2012 The garden Of England Cat Club, Ware UK - CAC. Judge S Hamalainen
19.9.2011 Felikat Int Show Schiedam, Netherlands - Ex1  


SexMale NFC
Date of birth3rd February 2011
FIFe codeNFO nt 09 22
ColourAmber classic tabby and white (colour changed to include white at assessment 17/3/13)
SireDE* Mister Mistoffelees av Sira
DamNL* Fire Dance Constance Avani
BreederWesley Huijser and Deborah van Schie, Netherlands
TestsGSD IV Negative
Pet nameHummie
PedigreePedigree for Hummie