Alba and Aurora - My daughter's cats

Sat 4/11/2017

Sadly, Alba was put to sleep today. A beautiful, gentle cat, of probably an undetermined age, found her time to leave us had crept up. She had a wonderful late lifestyle and home with my daughter and husband and was very loved by all.

About them - January 1st, 2015

Alba (sunrise) and Aurora (dawn) came into my daughter and her husband's life, rather out of the blue. They were still missing their Maine Coon Me-Me very much, when news of two mature sisters needing a home, tumbled their way. They were being looked after by a cat rescue and had been passed around different homes quite a lot, so were in need of a forever place to call their own.

They are really delightful girls and have settled into their Watlington, Oxfordshire cottage home perfectly, and their characters are opening up every time I see them.

Alba is a particularly pretty black tortie and white and inclined to be a little shy, until there is a hint of food and then she is instantly wrapped around your legs in anticipation of some nice dinner!

Her sister Aurora is a confident blue tortie and white and likes a fuss made of her, a game with a toy on a stick or the hope of a tasty treat.

They look as if there is some Maine Coon somewhere in their background, but we will never know.

Warwickshire 2017

Alba and Aurora, have just moved home, to rural Warwickshire. They now live in a Grade II, converted Victorian School, so are getting used to a much bigger space to roam about in. They are starting to investigate their new garden, but as it is very big, they are still quite cautious. There are lovely spots on the window sills to watch what is going on outside and to enjoy the abundant wildlife.

Alba, 31/1/17 Aurora Alba,31/1/17 Aurora, 31/1/17 Alba, 31/1/17 Aurora, 31/1/17

End of 2014 and 2015

Aurora in the garden, April 2015 Alba in the garden, April 2015 Aurora, April 2015 Alba, April 2015 Aurora, April 2015 Alba, watching TV from the sofa, Jan 2015 Alba, in her new home, Dec 2014 Aurora, in her new home, Dec 2014 Aurora, when she was in the rescue home Alba, when she was in the rescue home

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