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Nordligdrom Cosima- AKA 'Cosi'. 27/7/2007 - 27/1/2022

We lost 14 1/2 year old Cosi to cancer. She slipped away peacefully at the vets this morning. It is early days yet, but I still call her name when I am not sure where she is.

November 2020

My beautiful 14 1/2 year old girl Appliqué has been diagnosed with diabetes. She had lost weight and was drinking and using the litter tray a lot, so I took her to the vet to be checked out.

So now - she has a daily injection of insulin in the morning and at night. I must admit I was worried about having to give a cat an injection, but as the needle is so fine, she doesn't seem to notice it.

It took a little while to get the dose right, but it probably is now and already she is looking and most likely feeling, very much better.

14th September 2020

Sahara and her 4 kittens aged 2 weeks old

Sahara decided to have her kittens around midnight on 14th Sept

They are large, well fed and contented

3 boys and a girl

17th December 2019

Sweetie with her new kittens

Sweetie delivered 4 kittens in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in her birthing box in the sitting room.

They are doing well and contented.

Colours are still developing and they have yet to be sexed.

More info later

11th December 2019

Westrikatt Kess AKA Gateaux

Wednesday was a very sad day, as my beautiful Gateaux passed away.

All who knew him, will remember his fantastic manner and every cat or kitten we have ever had, held him in the highest esteem.

He was a 'Mummy's Boy' and had an indulged and happy life here and was both an ambassador and legend in our wonderful breed. He was a few weeks short of his 17th birthday.

3/3/2003 - 11/12/2019

May 2019

Gateaux is now 16 years and 3 months old. Sadly he has kidney disease and has lost a lot of weight.

However, he is on a fantastic, newish, life long drug, to control and extend his life and he is really doing well.

Gat is a happy, contented old boy and much loved by us all.


8th and 9th Sept 2018

Tilly and Sweetie attended their first International cat show, held at a venue near Coventry. It was a big experience for them both as Sweetie had only been with me a week and was still settling in. Luckily Tilly was happy to have a new friend to play with and they both settled down well together in the hotel we stayed in.

The cats did exceptionally well and Sweetie was BIV, nominated for best in show both days and Tilly got her adult certificates and was nominated on one of the days

It was a super introduction to showing and like me, their breeders were very proud of them.

The picture on the left is Afjord's sweet sunshine (Sweetie) on the show bench. (image taken by student judge Anzela Fomiceva from Latvia)

March 2018 News

We have a new litter of 4 kittens - 17/2/18.

Click on this link to find out more about them

24th October 2017

We are very pleased to welcome Old Possum's Tillicoultry (Tilly) to the Nordligdrom Cattery. This young lady is 16 weeks old and still making herself known to the other cats living here.

I first spoke to Judith in January 2017, about having a female kitten from her and we were waiting for the right one to come along. She very kindly brought her from Scotland to London by train and we are hugely grateful to her for entrusting Tilly to us.

July 2017

Ra Ra (Westrikatt Sahara) had 6 kittens on July 8th, which was also my birthday, so a lovely present!

They are pictured here, the day after they were born.

Colours are red, blue and black tabbies, all with various amounts of white. There are 3 girls and 3 boys

Click on this link to see the most recent pictures of them

January 2017

Commissioned painting of my beautiful cats by wonderful artist and illustrator, Kim Haskins (

From left to right

Back row.
Ra Ra, Cosi, Little Astrid

Middle row.
Hummie, Bob

Front row
Appliqué, Gateaux

Great framing by Mark at Madboxes, High Wycombe, Bucks (