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Welcome to my cat bag shop

I began making these bags from empty cat food pouches in 2013 and as friends liked and wanted them too, I started to experiment with different shapes and sizes.

The bags are remarkably strong and I have been using mine as a supermarket shopping bag for many months now and am recognised in lots of places because people remember seeing the bags! They have all sorts of uses from being something to carry your lunch in, a place to store cat treats or brushes and combs and one little girl uses hers to transport her ballet shoes in to her lessons! They could be useful for breeders to give away as kitten starter bags and a couple have recently gone as 'Mothers Day' gifts for Mums who are also mad about cats.

All the bags have been sanitized and have either short carrying handles or longer ones, so they can be worn over your shoulder. They are a bit of fun and no two are alike and replenishing stock really depends what empty pouches I have available, (or what the cats have eaten), but I try to co-ordinate the colours or keep brands together.

Below is a gallery of some of the different sizes I have made, so you can see them close up.

If you are interested in having one made please contact us on 01628 485006 or email at

The Cat bag Shop

Washing and drying time! 35cm H x 33cm W, (13 1/2" x 13") 40cm H x 34cm W, (16" x 13 1/2") 35cm H x 33cm W, (13 1/2" x 13") 23cm H x 19cm W", (7 1/2" x 9") 22cm H x 27cm W, (8 1/2" x  10 1/2") 35cm H x 33cm W, (13 1/2" x 13") 23cm H x 35 cm W, (9" x 13 1/2") Long handles 33cm H x 27cm W, (13" x 10 1/2") 35cm H x 33cm W, (13 1/2" x 13") Long handles