Litters of 2019

****12th Feb 2020****

17.12.19 - Supreme Champion Marvin Gaye Forest Myths and Champion Afjords Sweet Sunshine - The 'Christmas collection' litter

Sire: Marvin Gaye Forest Myths -
Black blotched tabby and white, NFO n 03 22
Many thanks to Richard Handy for allowing me
to use his beautiful boy

Dam: Afjord's Sweet Sunshine -
Black mackerel tabby and white.
NFO n 09 23

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8 weeks old

Click on the kitten images below to view the early growing up pictures of them.

'Panettone, Black tabby bi-colour
On hold

'Gateaux's Star', Black tabby bi-colour
Staying at home with me

'Figgy Pudding', Black tabby bi-colour
Booked to the Morrish family, Essex

'Stollen', Black tabby bi-colour
Booked to the McNeill family and will
be a new friend for
Nordligdrøm Tiddly Winks