Litters of 2012

11/10/12 - 5 kittens born to Westrikatt Shannon and Deyley's Top Thrill Dragster - The 'Guitar' litter

Sire:Deyleys Top Thrill Dragster - NFO nt 09 22

Dam: Westrikatt Shannon - NFO f 09 23

Click on the images below to visit their kitten pages and see their litter gallery further down this page

Nordligdrøm Harmony

Nordligdrøm Taylor

Nordligdrøm Fender

Nordligdrøm Vega

Nordligdrøm D'Angelico

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Nordligdrøm Litter Gallery

A variety of pictures of the 2012 kittens as they are growing up.

16 week old Vega and Harmony 16 week old Vega and Harmony 13 week old kittens 12 week old Gateaux and Harmony 12 week old Harmony and friend 11 week old Christmas fun 11 week old Christmas fun 10 week old Taylor and Gateaux in a tight space 9 week old Christmas Kitten Basket 9 week old Fender, Harmony and Taylor 9 week old Vega and D'Angelico 9 week old kittens on the climber Bob's kittens 8 weeks - Too hot Bob's kittens 8 weeks Bob's kittens 8 weeks - Afternoon nap Bob's kittens 8 weeks - trying to catch the ball in the tracks Bob's kittens 7 weeks - Trying to pose for the camera... Bob's kittens 7 weeks - just having fun Bob's kittens 7 weeks - fun and chasing Bob's kittens 7 weeks - fun, chasing and play fighting Bob's kittens 5 weeks - now sleeping Bob's kittens 5 weeks old - eating Bob's kittens 5 weeks old - playing Bob's kittens 4 weeks old Bob's kittens 3 weeks old Bob's kittens 3 weeks old Kittens 2 weeks old with Astrid and their Mum Bob Bob's kittens 2 weeks old with Auntie Astrid

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