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Aug 2014 update

Kittens (will always be that to us) are in fine form. They are amazing and we have endless hours of fun with them. They are of course lucky to have each other and get on so well.

They of course hunt well together so the mouse population is greatly depleted.

The electric wire is great though Holly did jump over from the greenhouse roof. So a bit more wire was added.

Jan 2014

As Leanne (Poppy) and Grace (Holly) are so similar to look at, I have combined their photographs together.

Both girls have been fitted with electronic collars allowing them access to an one acre site, full of trees, interesting things to climb on and the ability to run and play and just be cats, while remaining safe.


Poppy (left) & Holly (right), Aug 2014 Poppy, Aug 2014 Holly, Aug 2014 The girls after a hard days playing, January 2014  Poppy in tree, January 2014 Holly (Grace) January 2014 Holly on wheel barrow duty, January 2014 Poppy (Leanne) January 2014 Poppy Noodles (Leanne) January 2014 Don't I look magic? January 2014 Holly (Grace) January 2014 Girls in tree January 2014 Poppy Noodles January 2014

In their new home, 2013

Poppy Noodles and Holly Bagins Sept 2013 Leanne (?) July 2013  June 2013 End May 2013 Leanne and Grace May 2013 End May 2013 Grace and Leanne May 2013 Grace, May 2013