2018 Nordligdrom Lochee

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Nordligdrøm Lochee - Male - 17/2/18

Amber tabby and white NFO nt 09 23

Pedigree for Lochee

Lochee is an area in the west of Dundee, Scotland. Until the 19th century, it was a separate town, but was eventually surrounded by the expanding Dundee.

In his new home - May 2018 and onwards

Nov 2018 Nov 2018 Nov 2018 Nov 2018 Nov 2018 Helping in the office!, June 2018 Trying out the new cat climber, June 2018 On his harness in the garden, June 2018 On his harness in the garden, June 2018 Early days in his new home Early days in his new home Early days in his new home Early days in his new home Early days in his new home

Nov 2018 - email update

I have attached some pictures of Lochee - all of which are very recent. The 'sleeping' one i literally have just taken as he's keeping me company today - although he's getting a bit big for the window sill now :)

He loves chicken pieces (what cat doesnt?) but he's twigged they come from the fridge so now, whenever anyone opens the fridge he will come charging from whatever room of the house he was in, to jump up and try and get in the fridge. It's very cute. Although we knew about his latest 'trick' I didn't tell my sister so when she was house/cat sitting it came as a bit of a (funny) shock - hence her reaction in the pic.

He loves his toy mouse and we also got him a new harness - i saw another NFC on instagram with a nice harness and got in touch with them - they in turn put me in touch with the company in question - they do some lovely bits and i highly recommend them - we've ordered a fair bit from them now - check them out: https://www.miwodesign.com/en.

June 2018 - email update

He's been fine with the harness / lead - he goes out every day. Doesn't always want to play or run around - just like the fresh air. But whenever he goes out Zac comes out too - they play nicely together.

We got a new cat tree/tower thing and before I had even finished putting it together 2 of the 3 were on it! I only stopped for a quick cuppa - turned round and both Max and Lochee had found their place. Zac isn't interested in it at all but the other 2 love it, although Lochee is the only one brave enough to sit at the top!

He spends the day going between my office and Rob's office (both at home of course) - we both welcome a break for some play - but equally Lochee get his head down and is happy to do a bit of work too - hahaha - at least that's the what attached picture implies.

He really is a ray of sunshine - I cant help but smile whenever I see him. He is showered daily in cuddles and tickles and games. He is very (very) much loved.

May 2018

Lochee has now moved to his new home in Hampshire and been intoduced to the resident cats.

Extract from some email updates from Emily.

Zac and Lochee are now good friends and spend a lot of the day chasing each other and playing. Zac also still loves a stick toy so always tries to join in when we're playing with Lochee. Max is keeping himself to himself but he always has. Not the most sociable cat.

We also have a harness for Lochee and have been going outside a lot. He was fairly unsure to start with - no doubt overwhelmed by all the new smells and senses. But after a few minutes he was bounding around. Our house is open plan downstairs so he actually has a larger 'running track' indoors but you could tell he liked being in the fresh air, jumping about in the long grass - which needs a mow!

"So Lochee seemed to settle into his new place very quickly. He had some food and we had a good old play after showing him around. Then he had a snooze on the sofa. Long old day!

When Max and Zac got home we introduced them separately and there was the odd growl and hiss from Lochee and Max (Zac really not bothered) but all 3 are now with us in the sitting room. I think we're going to be fine"

Early days

12 weeks old 10 weeks old 10 weeks old 10 weeks old 9 weeks old today 8 weeks old 8 weeks old 7 weeks old 7 weeks old 6 weeks old 5 weeks old 5 weeks old 4 weeks old 3 weeks Lochee, 2.5 weeks Lochee, 13 days old Lochee, 5 days old Lochee, 5 days old