2018 Nordligdrom Drumsturdy

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Nordligdrøm Drumsturdy - Female - 17/2/18

Black tabby and white. NFO n 09 23

Pedigree for Drumsturdy

Drumsturdy is a straggling village in Monifieth parish, Forfarshire, at the N base of Laws Hill, 6 miles ENE of Dundee and where some of my relatives lived in the 1800's.

Catherine and her partner opened their home up to a young, white, NFC who was found living rough outside their University flat in Warwick. He had been living on the streets for a while and was very un-cared for and it has taken a great deal of patience and time to allow him to feel safe and loved again. Now they have moved to a large house in Kent, it was felt it would be a good idea to provide him with a friend to play with.

Drumsturdy (now renamed to Tinkerbelle or Belle as a nickname) is that cat, and she and Lumiere are working out a relationship.



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February 2020 - extracted from Catherine's email

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying a wonderful life surrounded by your beautiful cats.

I thought I’d send along some updated photos of Drumsturdy/Tinkerbell. You were absolutely correct- she’s developed her winter coat and really come into her own!

Our neighbour has a damaged fence panel adjacent to our garden, so we have a catio set up at the moment for both Tink and Lumi to roam around and enjoy the garden. I’m hoping to upgrade it in the summer with some cat-safe plants and maybe some astroturf, but they both seem to really enjoy it! I put some cat grass out there this summer, and it was difficult to coax them in at night. They’ve become such wonderful friends.

Anyway, I hope that you’re doing well, and thank you so much for bringing the sweetest, friendliest girl into our lives. She is so loved and really brightens our days.


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April 2019 - extracted from Catherine's email

It’s just Drumsturdy and Lumiere for now, no other new kittens for us at the moment! Our experience with you was so wonderful, though, so I definitely know where to go when we’re ready for another little friend.

Drumsturdy’s fur is coming in so nicely and she and Lumi have gotten so close; she’s bigger than him, now! She’s fantastic at jumping and our friends always compliment her on how affectionate and sweet she is.

In her new home - May 2018 and onward

Hooray! - almost inseparable, June, 2018 Now best friends with Lumiere, June 2018 Newly moved into her home, May 2018 Newly moved into her home, May 2018 Newly moved into her home, May 2018 Newly moved into her home, May 2018 Newly moved into her home, May 2018

Extracts from recent emails from Catherine in May 2018

The boy seems to be able to tolerate her, for the most part- he will sometimes hiss and act like he’s going to bat her away, but only when she wants to play! She seems to think that his tail is the perfect toy...

Everyone is eating and drinking and using the litter box regularly, which is great. She’s currently eating about twice the amount of wet food as our boy. She does seem to want to eat from his bowl, though, so I do have to watch her until he’s done eating. She’s still playing very regularly, and does seem to encourage our boy to act more like a kitten. He likes to keep an eye on her, too, so I’m hopeful they’ll be friendlier after a few more weeks. Toys seem to have helped bridge the gap between them, though- they’re both so interesting when something new arrives!

Early days

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