2018 Nordligdrom Culfosie

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Nordligdrøm Culfosie - Female - 17/2/18

Amber tabby and white. NFO nt 09 23

Pedigree for Culfosie

Named after the birth place of my Aunty Nan, Easter 'Culfosie', near Aberdeen, Scotland. It is a tiny hamlet and not far from Loch of Skene and Dunecht House

In her new home - 2018 onwards

In her new home, June 2018

Oct 2018 update

She is like a golden arrow darting here there and everywhere at top speed. Very athletic and totally fearless.
She actually really looks like Atholl facially and like him she is one big cat already! Strong , beautifully coloured and gorgeously fluffy! Also extremely vocal.

She is a delight and is loving her life to the absolute maximum.

June 2018 - email update

Amber is great and we love her to pieces. She is very vocal and purrs whenever she is touched or given her mouse.

She loves being outside on her harness, climbing into the apple trees and elder flower bush, swatting bugs and hover flies! The birds get up in the branches and taunt her hopping from branch to branch and tweeting at her while she chirrups back at them.

She gets on beautifully with Cece and purrs as soon as she sees her. Her favourite grey mouse went through the washing machine but has happily survived and still gets carried everywhere by Amber.

We couldn't have wished for a sweeter character. She is just a perfect bundle of happiness!

May 2018

Culfosie has now gone to live with her new owners in Kent and has been renamed Amber, but will probably be known as 'Princess Amber' as she has a very regal opinion of herself! She is busy making friends with another resident NFC at her new home, and I am sure they will become good friends.

Extracts from a couple of emails from Lindsay -

"Princess Amber has been purring most of her waking hours today. We had her out on the kitten harness and she loved exploring and walked around confidently with her tail held high."


" Delighted to report that Princess Amber had a lovely night snuggling at Laura's toes and purring loads. She is so quick to the purr it's lovely. She has now been all round the house exploring and seems to like the territory. Ceecee is enjoying the catnip toys to the point of ecstasy, and is more than happy to leave Amber with her beloved mouse! Phew!

Currently Amber is asleep on the sofa, quite happy. Purred herself off to sleep so we were delighted with that."


" Princess Amber has had her lunch, and a wash and is now having a snooze. She likes the look of our Ceecee and wants to say hi, but Ceecee is taking it slowly and prefers the green catnip tube to her new friend. Ceecee has had a wash in front of Amber, so that's a good sign. It's going to be lovely , I know for sure. "

Early days

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