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In their new home 2016/17

 Mittens, 2017  Mittens, 2017  Luke and Mittens, Nov 2016  Oscar, March 2017  Oscar,Nov 2016  Luke and Oscar, Nov 2016  Luke and mittens, Nov 2016  Luke and oscar, Nov 2016  Ayla and kittens end Sept 2016  Oscar, end Sept 2016  Oscar, end Sept 2016  Oscar, end Sept 2016  Mittens, end Sept 2016  Luke and kittens, end Sept 2016  Oscar, end Sept 2016  Mittens, end Sept 2016  Mittens, end Sept 2016 Mittens enjoying a nap in Ayla's dolls pushchair, end Aug 2016 Ayla and Mittens, end Aug 2016 Oscar chasing the mop, watched by two of Ayla's dolls sitting on the sofa! End Aug 2016 Oscar very happy his family have done such a big shop just for him! End Aug 2016 Best friends, end Aug 2016 Best friends, end Aug 2016 Oscar and Luke, Aug 2016 Oscar relaxing, end Aug 2016 Oscar, who is sure there is a treat hiding in Luke's hair with Mittens Oscar and Luke,  Aug 2016 Oscar in his new home, Early Aug 2016 Oscar in his new home, Early Aug 2016

April 2017 update

The kittens are now 1 year old. The day was celebrated with a favourite snack and a toy! Luke was determined to wrap all of this in paper, thinking that Oscar ‘the shredder’ will be able to rip this open. Yes, several pieces of paper, book covers and bags have been shredded by Oscar, do not let anything lie around.
He will also try and eat anything, even small lego pieces are not safe. He has an amazing appetite and loves his food: he has even helped himself to watermelon, left on the dining room table and recently even stole peanuts from a snack bowl. You cannot leave any food on the table, he will have a go!

Oscar is ‘just Oscar’, loves talking so much that his nights need to be spend separate in the utility/garage otherwise everyone will be woken up at 4:30! The demand at 4:30 is for you to go down with him for a play. A cuddle in bed is no good. Mittens will easily just sleep with us all night, not even glancing at Oscar and not keen at all for a play so early in the morning. Mittens is a real gentleman, refined, slim build with a very specific preference to food: nothing with chicken, only fish! Mittens has the most beautiful thick soft tail, it is always a temptation to give him a stroke!

The kittens are so easy going and placid, and with this have converted two families now who are on waiting lists for Norwegian Forest cat kittens! Whenever guests arrives, the cats just lie down, asking for a tummy scratch!

They are very tolerant to children. We had an episode where the children were playing too rough downstairs and I felt it may be too much. I took Oscar up to my bedroom. 5 min later the children migrated upstairs. I was a bit concerned and went to see if Oscar is ok: only to find him fast asleep on Ayla’s bed with the children playing around him! After a while the children went downstairs, followed by Oscar!

End of Sept update

Things are still very well and our two 'babies' are growing so well. We have not arranged for neutering yet as there has not been any problems so far. Will hang on to this for as long as possible, looking for a date nearer towards the end of the year.

The kittens are such an integral part of the family. The children are still so happy and the cats really tolerate their cuddles to my total amazement. It is good to see that the children now knows how to approach cats and 'what cats like and do not like'. This is very noticeable when we encounter any other cats outside.

End of August update

Our babies are growing well and time goes so quick! Oscar and Mittens are rarely apart from each other and Oscar often calls for Mittens if Mittens decided to 'leave him on his own' Mittens is like a quiet shadow always following us through the house.

Our living area is open plan with a staircase which the kittens love as they have the advantage of being high with a good view. Luke joined Oscar on the staircase both looking down at the camera.

One of the pictures shows Oscar busy with an Ocado inspection - note: he stands on top of the fish, meat and bacon!

Comment from Fiona - All kittens from both litters are mad on brushes and mops as regularly reported. They are chased, pounced on or ridden on!

Extracted from an email from his new family, in early August 2016

We are just amazed about how easily Oscar and Mittens have become part of the family. They are growing by the hour, and Oscar has done a lot of catching up weight wise!

Most of they days are spent playing with the children. Mittens loves duplo blocks and cannot wait for the children to start building as he then gets his own block to play with! They follow us through the house, not wanting to be left alone. It is amazing to see. We had a fright one day: could not find Oscar anywhere. After a long search I found him fast asleep shut in one of the drawers in Ayla's bedroom. We now have to check where they are whenever we want to leave the house for any period of time.

Mittens also loves it when Frank works from home as he then spent a lot of time relaxing with Frank in the study.

Oscar still has an amazing purr and Frank thought an alternative name could have been Diesel (the intensity of the purr is similar to that of a diesel engine).

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