2016 Nordligdrom Sola

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Nordligdrøm Sola - Male - 11/04/2016

Black mackerel tabby and white, NFO n 23 09

Pronounced 'Soola'. Although not visited, named after a popular beach, Stavanger, Norway

Pedigree for Sola

Click on image to visit Oscar and Mitten's combined 'New Home' page

Breeder's Diary - A bit about him

12/6/16 - Young owner Ayla, has told her Mum that she wants to call the this kitten 'Mittens' which is a good descriptive name for him. However like any young lady, this may change before he settles in with the family.

15/5/16 - Sola will be joining the 'Gray' family and 'Rule the World' in July 2016. They previously owned some of the very early NFC kittens born in UK and know the breed well. As Sola is hugely laid back and affectionate in nature, I think he will fit in very well to life in Essex.

2/5/16 - While litter mate 'Malindi' is being rounded up by Sahara, this little lad is quick to take advantage of the situation and venture outside his surroundings. He has white socks and white patches to his underbelly and is the most 'tabby' in the litters

Early days

Sola, 11 weeks old Sola, 11 weeks old Sola, Almost 10 weeks old Sola, Almost 9 weeks old Sola, Almost 9 weeks old Sola, Almost 8 weeks old. First time in the garden Sola, Almost 8 weeks old Sola, 7 weeks old today Sola, 7 weeks old today Sola, 5 weeks old Sola, 5 weeks old Sola, 4 weeks old Sola almost 3 weeks old Sola, 18 days old Sola, 9 days old

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