2016 Nordligdrom Last Samuri

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Nordligdrøm Last Samuri - Male - 08/04/2016

Blue, NFO a

2nd born and given the name of the runner up to the 2016 Grand National horse race, at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool

Pedigree for Last Samuri

Breeders Diary - Bit about him

04/09/16 - update
Zion is just lovely. He is actually very well behaved be honest!!! He does love to have a nose at whatever we are eating. We all sit at the table to eat but in the evenings I will have a yogurt on the sofa and he appears from no where trying to get his head in the pot!
Yes I know what you mean about the early hours!! My two are trying to wake me up at around 4.30....Zion purrs so loud and Tigger actually pushes his face into mine to wake me up!! I love them both so much and I'm so pleased they get on so well. They have been sleeping downstairs because it is cooler at the moment down there. Zion has been going into Elsea-Rae's bed which she loves.

26/7/16 - update
Tigger and Zion have really become the best of friends. They play together all the time and just before bedtime are tearing up and down the stairs chasing each other around the house. Tigger always washes Zion which the girls think is very sweet! They have their own shelf each in the garden but are always together either sunbathing on the shelf or laying in the shade under the bench.

14/7/16 - Rachael says -
He is doing great, he has settled down really well now. The girls are always in a hurry to get home and see him.
His confidence is growing every day and he comes to greet us when we come to the front door.
He is so special. xx

10/7/16 - The happiest family in Kent collected him today and he is about to start a wonderful new life with them. We miss him already and await news about how he is settling in.

In his new home

Zion and Tigger Dec 2016 Zion Dec 2016 Zion and tigger in the woods and on leads, Dec 2016 Zion Sept 2016 Zion and Tigger, Sept 2016 Zion and Tigger, Sept 2016 Zion Sept 2016 Zion and Tigger, July 2016 Zion in his new home

June 2016 - The family have now decided on a name and he will be known as 'Zion' which will suit him well

22/5/16 - Last Samuri will be going to live in Kent with Rachael and Liam and their two young daughters and they are busy trying to find a suitable pet name for him. This will be the second Norwegian Forest Cat they have had from me. Dynamite went to live with them in 2008.

1/5/16 - He started off looking like a blue tabby, but the ghost stripes have gone and he will be a solid blue. No white on him which is surprising as his Mum has loads. A confident kitten, now 3 weeks old, he too is eager to explore outside his surroundings or be picked up for a cuddle.

Early days

Last Samuri 11 weeks old Last Samuri 11 weeks old Last Samuri 10 weeks old Last Samuri 9 weeks old Last Samuri 9 weeks old Last Samuri 8 weeks old.  First time in the garden 5/6/16 Last Samuri 8 weeks old Last Samuri 7 weeks old Last Samuri 7 weeks old Last Samuri 6 weeks old Last Samuri 6 weeks old Last Samuri 4 weeks old Last Samuri 3 weeks old Last Samuri 11 days old Last Samuri 9 days old

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