2016 Nordligdrom Bamburi

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Nordligdrøm Bamburi - Male - 11/04/2016

Black and white, NFO n 09

Named after a palm tree lined beach, near Mombasa, Kenya and visited many years ago.

Pedigree for Bamburi

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Breeder's Diary - A bit about him

8/8/16 - In September Bamburi and Lavinia will be going to live with Rebecca and Shaun in the Midlands, after they return from a long holiday. Bamburi will be known as Beamish and Lavinia as Siri.

4/5/16 - Gosh what a difference a day makes when you are so little and learning by the minute. They all want to explore outside the pen now and Bamburi has surprised us by starting to eat kitten food at just over 3 weeks old! He is mainly black to look at but with a patch of white down his front and a largish triangle on his underbelly.

Early days

Bamburi, 11 weeks old Bamburi, 11 weeks old Bamburi, Almost 9 weeks old Bamburi, Almost 8 weeks old. First time in the garden 5/6/16 Bamburi, Almost 8 weeks old Bamburi, 7 weeks old today Bamburi, 7 weeks old today Bamburi, 5 weeks old Bamburi, 5 weeks old Bamburi, 4 weeks old Bamburi, almost 3 weeks old bamburi, 18 days old Bamburi, 9 days old

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