2013 Nordligdrom Valentina

Nordligdrøm Valentina - Female - 6/2/13

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

May 2013 - Valentina has now been renamed 'Poppy' and lives with Reshen and Nick in NW London. Her new owners report she has settled down remarkably well and has even got a routine going for eating, sleeping, playing and having her mad half hour of rushing about. In between doing all this she manages to snuggle up next to Reshen and loves cuddles and kisses.

Pedigree for Valentina

Poppy in her new home

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January 2017

I thought you might like to see a couple of recent photos of our gorgeous girl. She has so far exceeded our hopes... sweet natured, loving, and very talkative! The best companion I could wish for.

December 2014

Poppy is just the best cat anyone could wish for – and the most beautiful – and so very loving and sweet natured. She really doesn't have a bad bone in her body. I still thank God that she chose me on that memorable day in your house. I still remember how wide her little mouth was when she miaowed in my face, so determined.

I do understand about the Christmas tree devastation – she did it last year and she is doing it this year. I bought a smaller tree and put it on a small table to keep it out of her way. But cats are cats – she seems to pitch herself into the branches and then I see her little face peeping out at me, while the baubles come crashing to the ground. Don’t really mind… at least it distracts her from the furniture! All in all I have nothing to complain about. I am seriously thinking of getting a rescue kitten (a black and white boy) for her to boss around, chase and generally have fun with. The flying frenzy is ok, but not a good substitute for a kittie pal.

Late June 2014 - Update from Reshen

Poppy continues to thrive – she has grown a bit, but not as much as I thought – she still retains a lot of her kittenish characteristics. She is the most loving cat – sometimes I believe that she is Felix 2. She follows me around the house, waits by my feet or on the threshold of the door, calls for us in the morning and spends quite a time just cuddling – not on my lap, that is not close enough – she likes to snuggle high up practically under my chin and wrap one furry paw around my shoulder. She also likes, not surprisingly, to be held across our shoulders and nuzzles her glorious head into our hair, purring all the while. She really is perfect and we are all besotted. What is particularly nice is how friendly she is to anyone coming to the house - she insists on being a part of any dinner parties we hold!

So thank you once again for giving us such a lovely companion. Felix may have reigned supreme as my Best Boy, but she is far and away My Best Baby Girl!! And the prettiest cat I have ever seen – but I am biased.

Sept 2013 (From Reshen's email)

Our little girl continues to thrive – she was spayed the week before last and I spent the first night she was home with her on the bed with me (and the light on!) so that I could keep an eye on her in case she started nibbling at the stitches. She is so laid back in every way – and showed very little interest in the stitches which means her side has healed very well.

We have a little daily routine now – she comes on the bed for a cuddle and snooze in the morning, before I get up. Just like our previous cat Felix, as soon as the wool blanket is put across my lap, she is there snuggling up and purring. She is so loving, not only to me but to anyone who visits – very friendly and not at all nervous. Needless to say we are more than in love with her and so happy that she chose us!!

More June 2013 - (from Reshen's email)

An update on our little girl. She has taken over our house and we are her willing slaves I have to confess, and she has made such a big impression on everyone who comes to meet her. I know I keep saying the same things, but she really is the most delightful kitten anyone could wish for. She is easy-going, friendly with all and sundry, affectionate and lots and lots of fun. The mad half hours (which run into one or two hours sometimes) are hilarious. And the cat run is proving a big success – we are now planning to put some Astro turf down so that she has a nicer surface – something to get her claws into.

June 2013

The cat run is working out great – the lovely NFC from next door spends a lot of time in our garden now and they do a lot of nose to nose stuff. I must say Poppy is the easiest kitten you could hope for – an absolute joy. They really do spoil you for other cats! As you can imagine, Poppy gets an awful lot of love and kisses from us all – we are delighted with her. I am still amazed at how easily she has settled with us.

Early days

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