2013 Nordligdrom Dark Secret

Nordligdrøm Dark Secret - Male - 27/1/2013

Black and White. NFO n 09

Dark Secret has been renamed Benji and is enjoying lots of attention and cuddles with Sarah, Anthony and the other 2 related NFC's and litter mate Astonish

Pedigree for Dark Secret

Benji in his new home. 2013 onwards

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January 2018 - From Sarah

Benji - as mentioned in Sylvester's post, seems to assert himself a bit more these days. Due to Sylvester's easy-going nature, he seems to get whatever he wants without any trouble or cat fights. Benji is still the laziest of the four cats - but very cute for it, and who can blame him?! In winter, his black coat looks gorgeous, really long, thick and luscious to stroke. He has also started to meow a lot more, I think this is copying Sylvester who meows very frequently to demand whatever takes his fancy.

September 2015 - From Sarah

It is no secret that I think cats are cute - I have four of them!! But there is something beyond cute about Mr Benji. Benji takes his time with everything in life. He is last up in the morning, last down for breakfast, last to reach the back door when it's time to go out for a walk in the garden. He just plods round the house at his own pace, yellow eyes peering through masses of black fur. Seriously cute!!

He is the gentlest cat I've ever met, he's more like a teddy bear when you pick him up - he just sort of falls into a lovely warm cuddle on demand! The other cats are a struggle to make sit on your lap under any circumstances, but Benji can be tempted into a snuggle at a moment's notice. His other favourite place to sit is on our laptop - or any square/rectangular key board. I often think people will one day be sent odd emails from our computer due to Benji settling himself down for a kip!

Late June 2014 - From Sarah

Benji’s most committed hobby in life is sleeping. He loves lazing around and catching some zzzzs – his favoured position is to be cuddled up next to a human companion. The first day the cats were allowed out into the garden in our new house, something must have spooked Benji, and he immediately went back indoors to have a sleep! For most cats, a trip to the vet in their cat cage is a most upsetting experience, whereupon they will meow at varying volumes the length of the car journey. Not so for Benji - in his last trip to the vet, he simply slept in his cage!

He is great to show off to visitors as a “proper” lap cat – the like of which can be quite difficult to find in our house, despite the number of cats! He manages to convince even apparently "allergic" human visitors to the house that they should have him sleep on their laps, which they gladly enjoy.

Late September 2013 - From Sarah and Anthony

Benji has been a wonderful addition to the Kingston kits and kats family. He is so gentle and friendly – he is almost un-cat-like! If we wanted a cuddly lap cat, then that’s exactly what we got with him, he just can’t get enough of a nice warm cuddle. Whether you’re watching TV or up in bed, Benji will never be far away. And that’s not just with his normal human mum and dad, he will behave exactly the same when visitors come round – he even had a snuggle with a noisy one-year old child who recently paid us a visit.

He is also a real “live wire”, darting round the house and garden in excitement and awe at pretty much everything! One of his most endearing “stunts” is to take a leap with front paws at a passing human leg and then dart off away – very sweet and funny (no claws involved – just soft pads, thankfully!).

Beyond his friendly nature, he also likes to be in the thick of things… I said in Humphrey’s latest blog, that his spirit might just live on through Benji – and this is what is really reminiscent of Humphrey – the jumping into the other cats’ cuddles and meowing to join in!

Early days

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