2013 Nordligdrom Astonish

Nordligdrøm Astonish - Female - 27/1/2013

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

Astonish - Now called Rosie and her litter mate Dark Secret have joined Nordligdrom Aero and Nordligdrom Yorkie in Kingston on Thames, Surrey and are being indulged by Anthony and Sarah.

Pedigree for Astonish

Rosie in her new home. 2013 onwards

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January 2018- From Sarah

Rosie - is still much more active than Benji. Her main obsession in life is the treats cupboard which she pretty much lives under whenever any human is in the kitchen. I love the way she communicates with her eyes, without even saying anything. She has however also learnt to meow a lot more, and will chat back to you when you chat with her, which is just lovely! Her best friend is Lucy, but she gets on very well with both Sylvester and Benji too. We are lucky they are all such good friends with each other.

September 2015 - From Sarah

A possible reason for Benji's "low energy", is because his sister Rosie stole it all when they were a litter...! One word to describe Rosie is "bonkers"! She must sleep about half as much as her brother and is always "up to something". She is very vocal, I think she has learnt from her big brother Sylvester that the louder and more demanding you are with your human parents, the easier it is to break them down and get them to obey your commands.

The treat cupboard area of the kitchen is Rosie's favourite "hang out". Whenever a human comes within hearing distance of the treat cupboard, Rosie is sat in position chattering away requesting it to be opened. We had reports from our cat sitter that she had physically broken into the cat treat cupboard when we were away one time - naughty Rosie!

We forgive Rosie's naughtiness though as she does give wonderful back massages when you wake up in the morning. She climbs on your back while you're still asleep and treads her paws gently on your back while purring loudly - there are worse ways to be woken up for sure!

Late June 2014 - From Sarah

Rosie is the most “sparky” of our four cats by a long way. She is the first to play every game and doesn’t so much run round the house as cartwheel! She is highly intelligent and alert to everything that is going on around her.

Rosie is absolutely obsessed with her “cat treats”. She knows exactly where they are kept and whenever a human goes within metres of the cupboard, she leaps up to the counter below and chatters away requesting the cupboard to be opened. One day, I was still out at work, and Anthony sent me a text message containing a photo which showed the state of the kitchen on Anth’s arrival home from work. The cat treat cupboard was open and the cat treats were scattered on the floor with cat teeth marks through the packets! Since then we have had to tie the cupboard doors together to stop it being broken into!

Sept 2013 - From Sarah and Anthony

As I mentioned in Lucy’s blog (the chocolate box litter of 2011), Rosie and Lucy are best friends and have a strangely mother/daughter relationship – even though they are in fact half-sisters! It is definitely girls v boys in our house! Although they rarely fight with each other which is good.

Rosie is gorgeously pretty and feminine, just like her sister. She is such a good natured kitten – her purr is so loud, it sounds more like a male purr! When she first arrived in Kingston, she would purr at anything at all… We used to think that she didn’t realise what purring was for because she was always doing it!

Her favourite time of day though is when human daddy gets the treats out and feeds her and the other cats the treats through the bannister on the staircase. She learnt this game very quickly and is the first lined up waiting for them of all the cats!

Sept 2013 - one liners from Sarah until she has time to write a blog

Rosie has the loudest purr ever - much louder than Benji's!

Early days

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