2012 Nordligdrom Vega

Nordligdrøm Vega - Female 11/10/12

Blue Classic Tabby. NFO a 22

Vega has moved to Finchampstead with her litter sister Harmony. She has now been renamed Thea.

Dec 2014, Thea is happy as an only cat and a joy to her family and struts around the house and garden in a very regal manner.

Pedigree for Vega

Thea in her new home 2013 & 2014

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Nordligdrøm Vega

9 week old update - She still remains the biggest female kitten. I even took her back to the vet to be checked she was a female! She caused me huge concern when I thought I had lost her, only to be found at the back of a cupboard behind the sky box!
6 week old update - Determined Vega has mastered the art of escaping from the kitten pen and taught the others how to do this, so today was spent dismantling it and they now have the run on the living area.
4 week old update - Vega is the largest of the female kittens and a very dark slate blue coloured classic tabby. At 4 weeks old she is very vocal in communicating she wants to come out of her pen and explore the rest of the sitting room!

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