2012 Nordligdrom Taylor

Nordligdrøm Taylor - Female 11/10/12

Blue Tortie classic Tabby. NFO g 22

Taylor is living very near my home in Marlow with Jo,Peter and their little girl India and now goes by the name of Angel.

Pedigree for Taylor

In her new home

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The early weeks

9 week old update - Taylor has an easy going nature and is quite happy to be handled by humans. She is very confident and sometimes slopes off on her own and spreads out to sleep on one of the beds.
6 week old update - Although Vega is the escape artist, Taylor is the chief climber and loves to scale chairs and bat her brother and sisters as she sits at the top.
4 week old update - Taylor is very, pretty and predominantly blue with flashes of creamy/red on her face, head and paws. She looks very like her Dad in the face.

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April 2013 (adapted from an email)

She has settled in really well now and is the most lovely natured cat I've ever known so she's perfect for us and India especially as India wasn't used to pets and although she is a very reserved and quiet little girl she can be a bit overbearing for a cat as she wants to kiss and cuddle Angel all the time which for a less placid cat would probably result in a swipe or a bite!
Angel and I have bonded really well too and I absolutely love her to bits, we especially like it when Pete's away so she can sleep in my room! We would have come back for a friend for her from your new litter but unfortunately Pete is allergic to Angel so is back on 2 x inhalers for asthma (which he hasn't got) and tablets which help a little but he still suffers a lot but he loves her too and thinks it worth it to make India and me happy!

January Update from Taylor's new family

Taylor is now called Angel - India won but I don't mind as she looks like an angel!
She has settled in really well and now has the full run of the house and especially likes India's bed! She has lots of love and attention and certainly isn't phased by India or her friends in fact she even joins in by jumping in the dolls pram all the time!
She does seem to like water which I thought is rare for a cat as in she's already jumped in India's bath and is forever in the showers and sinks.
Taylor is so lovely natured, but totally understand about how letting them out now is so dangerous as they are very trusting and fearless.

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