2012 Nordligdrom Harmony

Nordligdrøm Harmony - Female 11/10/2012

Blue and White Tortie Classic Tabby. NFO g 09 22

Harmony has moved to Finchampstead with her litter sister Vega. She has now be renamed Pushkin.

Sadly she was lost to the family in 2013.

Pedigree for Harmony

Pushkin in her new home

July 13, Pushkin is now 9 months old and can be seen 'fluffing' her way around the garden February 2013 Two kittens together Feb 2013 in there new home Pushkin settling in her new home

Nordligdrøm Harmony

9 week old update - A couple of days ago she had an interesting life experience when she jumped on to a loo with the seat cover up and landed squarely in the pan! Her cries were soon heard and a wet kittens was extracted and dried off and her mother spent several hours grooming her fur to perfection. What a silly kitten!
6 week old update - Now that they have become experts at how to play they spend much of their awake time running around the sitting room and playing with the toys. She particularly likes the ones on sticks.
4 week old update - Harmony is a blue tortie tabby and has flashes of red and cream through her coat. Although her colours are still developing we think she has the tiniest amount of white on a toe nail.

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Harmony at 16 weeks old Harmony at 14 weeks old Harmony at 13 weeks old Harmony at 12 weeks old Harmony at 11 weeks old Harmony at 10 weeks old Harmony at 9 weeks old Harmony at 8 weeks old Harmony at 7 weeks old Harmony at 6 weeks old Harmony at 5 weeks old Harmony at 4 weeks old Harmony at 3 weeks old Harmony 2 weeks old Harmony 1 week old Harmony as a newborn

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