2012 Nordligdrom Fender

Nordligdrøm Fender -Male 11/10/12

Red Classic Tabby. NFO d 22

Fender is living in Leighton Buzzard with litter mate D'Angelico and Bengal Poppy

Pedigree for Fender

In his new home - 2013 and later

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August 2014

The kittens (I still call them that!!) are both well. Fender has decided he is a lion and has developed a huge main and his coat is amazing - he is huge and I have a job picking him up sometimes. He still has a funny little squeak of a meow, it certainly does not go with his size! It has been unbearable for them this last few weeks, and Fender seems to prefer the bath to rest in.

They are both very happy in the new home we moved to earlier this year in Aylesbury.

Further January 2013 update

Angel and Fender are settling down more and more every day, it doesn't seem possible they have only been here a week.

Fender nearly landed in my dinner last night, they were having a mad half hour, charging all over the place and he came flying over the back of the sofa, landed on the cushion beside me and tried to leap across my lap narrowly missing the plate, I'm not sure how he did miss it but he did manage to knock a couple of sprouts on the floor though, which he then started to chase across the floor!

Feb 13 update on D'Angelico page

January 2013 update

Angel and Fender have settled down amazingly quickly, they are both eating well and seem to be really happy. There is a fair bit of eating the wrong food, Poppy eats the kitten food and the kittens eat her food but they do get mostly what they are supposed to, it's nice to see them all eating together and getting on so well.
I think Poppy is pleased to have some feline company again and some play mates, they charge around like a herd of elephants, at this rate Poppy will lose all her excess weight in no time! Poppy has started to wash them now and seems to be quite happy to mother them, she always loved to wash Kubi especially towards the end when he had almost given up washing himself.
They seemed to be ok while I was out at work, I really didn't like leaving them but all was fine when I got home, I think they had probably slept a lot of the time.

Nordligdrøm Fender

9 week old update. - He is very boy-like now and wants to rough and tumble with his litter mates. He is a bit heavy handed at times, but his sisters can hold their own or they just bring in extra girly reinforcements!
6 week old update. - All the kittens are weaned now but I think this will be a boy who will always enjoy his food although he does seen to get it stuck around his nose afterwards!
4 week old update. - Red tabby Fender was the first born and the only male in the litter. He has a very funny, un-masculine meow/chirp at the moment which we hope will improve as he gets older!

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