2012 Nordligdrom D Angelico

Nordligdrøm D'Angelico - Female 11/10/12

Black Mackerel Tabby. NFO n 23

D'Angelico is living in Leighton Buzzard with litter mate Fender and Bengal Poppy

Pedigree for D'Angelico

In her new home

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August 2014

Angel is sitting beside me looking like the little angel she is, she is never far from my side. Their coats are quite different for brother and sister, Fender's is very soft and silky and very full and Angel's is much less dense and although not coarse, is coarser than Fender's.

I invested in some window nets so that I can open the windows without fear of them falling out or escaping, goodness knows what I would have done without them in this heat. I hope to cat proof the garden soon in our new home, so they will be free to go outside.

February 2013

Fender and Angel have well and truly made themselves at home here now and keep me constantly occupied. Poppy has taken to them well and spends time grooming them, getting to all the bits they can't reach. They in turn help her out as well but will invariably end up playing with her tail or pushing her just that little bit too far, when she will let them know that they have overstepped the mark and should leave her alone for a while.

They have both discovered the kitchen work tops! Angel discovered she could jump from the table to the fish tank, from there she could get onto the fridge and jump down on to the worktop, she then very quickly showed Fender how to do it. I am now trying to teach them that this is not acceptable, apart from anything else I am worried they will get hurt, I remember the first time Poppy did it, she walked across the hob and although it wasn't on it had been and was still very hot and she ended up with a burnt paw. Unfortunately I can't shut off the kitchen as it is open plan but I hope to move very soon now and I will be able to shut the kitchen door and keep them out when needed, I can't wait. It may be easier for me to restrict Poppy from eating too much kitten food as well, she is getting enormous and turning into a little barrel.
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January 2013 Update

Angel likes to help me with my work, she loves sitting on the keyboard as she has discovered it makes an interesting noise when she does.Fender sits in front of me on whatever I happen to be working on so I can't see what I'm trying to do.

All three of them helped me change the bed today, it's always been "fun" with Poppy helping but with Angel and Fender helping as well it took the best part of the afternoon. They both sleep on my bed with me and both purr very loudly, Angel usually curls up on my lap at some point during the evening and loves to be cuddled, she loves being brushed as well.

Fender seems to prefer to sleep under my bed for part of the evening but puts in an appearance to play for a while before supper. They both love to sit on the window sill to watch the birds and squirrels and were loving playing with the snowflakes through the glass as they fell yesterday, I would have loved to see them out playing in it, maybe next year unless we get any more after I move!

Nordligdrøm D'Angelico

9 week old update - She is still the sweet little kitten and has caught up in weight with her siblings. She is often found stretched out on her special sleeping place, on a trunk in the sitting room. She has a beautiful soft purr when she is relaxed and being stroked.
6 week update - A brave and bold little kitten who likes to explore and has made her way upstairs on a couple of occasions and was found happily checking out the bedrooms.
4 week update - D'Angelico's name will probably be shortened to 'Angel' as she is so sweet and is the smallest and last in the litter to be born. However this may all change as she was the first to try kitten food, unlike her brother and sisters who are still thinking about it.

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