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Nordligdrøm Yorkie - Male

Blue. NFO a

18/4/11 - Nov 2018

Yorkie now goes under the new name of Sylvester and is living with Sarah and Anthony in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, along with litter mate Aero. Astonish and Dark Secret joined them in 2013 and details about the kittens can be found there.

Pedigree for Yorkie

In his new home 2011 onwards

Sylvester, March 2018 Sylvester, March 2018 Sylvester, Sept 15 Sylvester, Sept 15 Sylvester, Sept 15 Sylvester, Sept 15 Sylvester, July 14 Sylvester and Lucy watching frogs in the pond, July 14 June 14 June 14 June 14 Spring 14  Yorkie Oct 2013  Yorkie Oct 2013  Yorkie Oct 2013  Yorkie May 2013  Yorkie May 2013  Yorkie and Aero Jan 2013  Yorkie and Aero Jan 2013  Yorkie Jan 2013  Yorkie Jan 2013  Yorkie Aug 2012, 16 months  Yorkie Aug 2012, 16 months  Yorkie Aug 2012, 16 months  Yorkie Feb 2012, 10 months  Yorkie Feb 2012, 10 months  Yorkie Feb 2012, 10 months  Yorkie Jan 2012, 9 months  Yorkie Jan 2012, 9 months  Yorkie Jan 2012, 9 months  Yorkie and Bournville Dec 2011  Yorkie,Aero and Bournville Dec 2011  Yorkie, 7.5 months Dec 2011  Yorkie, 7.5 months Dec 2011  Yorkie, 7.5 months Dec 2011  Yorkie, almost 6 months  Yorkie, almost 6 months  Yorkie, almost 6 months  Yorkie, 28/8/11  Yorkie,  soon after moving to his new home

Nov 2018 - message from Sarah

It is with huge sadness that Sarah has reported 'Sylvester' has passed.

Out of the blue he became unwell and was confirmed with feline lymphoma. Sarah and Anthony took him to the best specialists and they tried different treatments, but to no avail.

I personally know how much he was loved and the loss they now feel, but know he had a beautiful life with them and his feline family.

January 2018 - from Sarah

Sylvester: is still very much King of the Castle. He is Mummy's cat and follows me around everywhere. Apparently when I'm not in, he sits on the stairs waiting for me, and also races to the door when he hears footsteps or the car arrive. Some cat politics have emerged between him and Benji in particular. Benji, the younger "kitten" (not so much anymore!), seems to assert himself in terms of where he wants to sit - for instance on Sylvester's favourite cushion in front of the tv - but no real trouble ever happens as a result, Sylvester seems very easy going and patient with him, even when Benji sits right on top of him!

September 2015 - from Sarah

Sylvester's position in the house reigns supreme. He is firmly In charge as the boss of both cats and humans. If his requirements are not satisfied and tasks not executed to his satisfaction, he will be sure to let his humans know. But beyond this "boss" behaviour (in many ways encouraged by his soft human mum), he is also incredibly loyal and friendly. If you're not following him round and monitoring his every move, he comes to find you to remind you to concentrate on him.

Indeed wherever I am in the house, he follows and will position himself in readiness for you to finish whatever else you're doing. And like all the cats, he is a brilliant "show cat" when visitors come round. He will rush over to the new people with tail up and do a lovely "display" of cuddles and purrs which always goes down a treat.

Late June 2014 - from Sarah

In Rosie’s blog, I mentioned that her party trick is breaking into the cat food cupboard to get her treats. One of Sylvester’s frustrations in life is that he is unable to break into the fridge which is the place that contains his treats. If he isn’t presented with his turkey on demand (Waitrose or M&S preferably), then he will sit next to the fridge door with a look on his face of somewhere between disbelief and outrage. As soon as the fridge door is opened, his head is practically in the fridge itself as if it say, “hurry up, you can’t possibly be going in there for anything other than my food, now get it – quickly!”. It is unfortunate for everyone that he is now rationed to limited amounts due to the excessive portions he was previously demanding. My fault for spoiling him in the first place……….

Since moving house, the cats endured quite a long time indoors before proper fencing and cat fencing was installed in our new garden so that they could go outside safely. Now that has been achieved, the big test was whether or not the fencing will withstand the Sylvester’s mighty strength – which so far, I’m pleased to say, it has. I was quite happy that the new fencing was provided by a company called “Weston” fencing, which rhymes with Sylvester’s nickname – Mr Wester. It’s as if it is built for him!

Late Sept 2013 - from Sarah and Anthony

Well, what can I say… Not a great deal has really changed about Sylvester since I last wrote about him! He is still huge and still very spoilt! He truly believes that the house is his and only allows us humans to be here because we just about keep up with attending to his varied needs.

I do in many ways have to look to myself for the reasons behind his spoilt-ness… It is true that I only have myself to blame for indulging him with treats and giving into his demands - but hey he is so gorgeous and luxurious, he’s worth the trouble I get myself into!

Despite his demanding nature and rather superior demeanour, he is also very friendly when he wants to be. I was sat out in the garden earlier, trying to do a bit of work. And he jumped up on the table sitting right on top of my work things purring loudly and asking for cuddles. We have noticed this many a time with Sylvester – his most enthusiastic cuddle and purring sessions come when you really need to be doing something else like leave the house for work in the morning, do some work or sitting at the computer… I count myself lucky I’ve got this far through the blog without a visit. On second thoughts, he probably realises that I’m writing about him for the internet and just wants me to get on with it as part of my role as his PR Manager.

Sept 2013 - one liner from Sarah until she has time to write a blog

Sylvester is still king of the household of course - visitors have him sussed out straight away when they come round!

Early days

 Yorkie,  13 weeks  Yorkie,  10.5 weeks  Yorkie,  9.5 weeks  Yorkie,  8 weeks  Yorkie,  6 weeks  Yorkie,  5 weeks  Yorkie,  3 weeks  Yorkie,  2 weeks

July 2012 - Summer update from Sarah

The best word to describe Sylvester is “huge” – he is the biggest of the three and his coat seems to have held out better in the summer than the other two which adds to his size. Throughout his kitten-hood he has always been the hungriest of the three and his appetite has helped his growth for sure. Picking him up is now quite an effort as he is really very heavy!

As well as being big and heavy, you could also add the word “spoilt”... His human parents started occasionally giving the cats fresh turkey/chicken to eat for what was supposed to be a treat (although it also worked to attract them all inside if we needed them all indoors at night for example!). Trouble is that Sylvester now sees the “treat” as something he expects as a matter of course. He now sits at the fridge door while shouting at his human parents to give him more treats and improve the service they offer him which sometimes falls well short of his expectations!

Christmas 2011 - Update from Sarah

Since the kittens have arrived in our house, we have got slowly used to fact that rather than needing traditional alarm clocks, we can do quite well with furry ones instead. When it’s time to get up, the furry alarm clocks stand next to or on top of us, purring loudly in our faces. A good lick on the face with a Velcro-like tongue is also a handy tool for waking up lazy humans. But on the occasions where even those methods don’t work (particularly at weekends), then Sylvester tries his other method. This is to poke, prod, lick and nibble the human foot which is hidden under the duvet. This game is bound to get the human up and works every time... Or at least it did until lazy mummy invested in some boot-like slippers and starting wearing them to bed to protect herself and get herself a bit more sleep at the weekend!

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October 2011 - Update from Sarah

As he grows bigger, so Sylvester’s coat grows longer and silkier. To watch his flowing fur glimmering in the late summer sunshine is like watching a TV advert for an expensive cashmere jumper!

A very friendly boy, you only need to go near him for him to start purring. And he’s been the first to demonstrate his territorial instincts by rubbing his cheeks and body around his humans’ legs (only at dinner time though!).

Although the kittens do play together and are clearly great friends, Sylvester does still take regular breaks away from his more babyish siblings. He can often be found viewing life from a more “mature” standpoint away from proceedings. One exception to this rule however is when the hoover comes out. If this awful, noisy contraption makes an ugly appearance, Sylvester will magically appear in between his brother and sister. The jury is still out as to whether he’s there to protect them - or for his own protection. Safety in numbers and all that!

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August 2011 - composed by his new owner Sarah

A stunning blue boy, Sylvester is now the largest kitten and seems to be growing even faster than his siblings - unsurprising really as he is always first in the queue at dinner time… He has only very slowly learned that jumping up on the work tops in excitement is only going to slow down the arrival of his meal rather than speed it up!

Sylvester's main job since arriving in Kingston has been to play the role of "Daddy" to Humphrey and Lucy. He quickly emerged the clear leader of the house and looks after his two siblings by snuggling and grooming in large supply. When he needs a bit of "Sylvester time", he will move himself a short distance away to clear his head and get a bit of rest before returning for more snuggles.

When Sylvester's not busy attending to his siblings, he is incredibly affectionate towards humans. Whether he knows the human or not, he loves to lie down next to them and wait for a cuddle and a stroke - this activity usually accompanied by an enormous purr which can last for ages!

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