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Nordligdrøm Tiger Moth - Male

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

Tiger Moth has gone to live with Annette and his new family in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire and is now called Theo.

Pedigree for Tiger Moth

December 2012

Unfortunately we had word that 'Theo' was hit by a car. His family are devastated by his loss.

In his new home 2011-12

Tiger Moth, March 2012, 11 months Tiger Moth, March 2012, 11 months Tiger Moth, March 2012, 11 months Tiger Moth, March 2012, 11 months Tiger Moth, Sept 2011 Tiger Moth, 6 months Tiger Moth, 6 months Tiger Moth, 6 months Tiger Moth and Domino, Oct 2011 Tiger Moth, Sept 2011 Tiger Moth, Sept 2011 Tiger Moth and his new friend Domino Tiger Moth at 16 weeks (R) and his new friend Domino Tiger Moth, 15 weeks Tiger Moth, testing out the tree in his new home

The early weeks

Tiger Moth 10 weeks Tiger Moth 10 weeks Tiger Moth 9 weeks Tiger Moth 6.5 weeks Tiger Moth 4.5 weeks Tiger Moth 4.5 weeks Tiger Moth 4 weeks Tiger Moth 2 weeks

September 2012

Theo's blog

Theo is fine and continues to thrive, but early autumn is not a happy time for him. He has spent most of the summer out and about, when the weather has been good. He comes back for food, a brief cuddle and to deliver us “parcels” and then he is off on his adventures again.

Forensic analysis reveals that he spends his life in the farmer’s winter wheat field out the back – many a morning since harvest I have woken to find a pile of wheat chaff and bits of straw on my bed but no sign of Theo! He comes in to warm up and then disappears as soon as the sun comes up, only returning for food and the odd short stay in a cool/sunny spot depending on the weather! It’s nice that it is getting cooler as we see more of him and he has reverted to 5 mins on my lap every evening (only to warm himself, not for my benefit, of course). I don’t think he is avoiding us or the other cats, it has just been too warm to sleep in the house and the field is far too exciting!

He is very sociable with the other cats, will sleep on my bed with them but very much has his own agenda when out and about. Noodles often comes flying through the cat flap after him as if they have been off on a big adventure together but I doubt Noodles can keep up with Theo! I think he has taught Noodles how to catch mice though.

His mane did come back a bit during the summer but I can’t wait for him to grow his fine winter coat and full mane again. The only part that looks full and bushy is his tail! He continues to sing at the top of his voice – usually at 6am for food. I work in London M, W, F now and am up at 5:30 but on the other days I can get away with lounging in bed until 7:30. Theo is clearly not impressed at my lack of routine and sounds the cat alarm to get his food at 6am. Sometimes I get downstairs to find that there is still some dry food in a bowl and shake it to show him. However, he turns his nose up as if to remind me that he is a pedigree cat and it is far beneath him to go eating last night’s leftovers that one of the others might have had their nose in!

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May 2012

More tales about a naughty cat......

Theo has taught Li how to climb the tree & that seems to be their favourite place to hang out. We have a blue tit nesting in a box up there and he can get right on top the box - must sort that.

I don't think they are enjoying the rain. Matt thought Theo had fallen in the pond one morning he was so wet - he had been in the field as he comes back with bits of it on him.

He has picked up a bad habit though. Theo likes to have his breakfast when he demands it (constant meowing). I have started to ignore him (pre 6am is not funny) so he goes & bullys Li to make her growl & spit. I sit bolt upright to see what's going on & he scarpers only to come back & repeat the process! Noodles then copies.

You can tell the olympics are coming as the boys have been practising for the 100m. You see them down the end of the garden & the next minute they are chasing each other down & round the trampoline.

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March 2012

End of March tales about Theo - adapted from his owner's email

All four cats have settled down nicely now. Theo has really helped bring Noodles out of his shell and Noodles is like Theo’s shadow – following him about and learning how to wreck havoc everywhere! They don’t snuggle up and wash each other as Theo and Domino used to but will sleep, eat and play together so I am pleased that he has company (when he suits him, of course).

I do have to tell you about Theo’s antics. We generally shorten his name to “T” but after Christmas this became T-leaf. At one point in late February we had 6 soft toys brought into the house by Theo. One of them was a toy monkey that was so big he could not drag it under the garden gate! A neighbour from one of the houses on the main road called to ask if we had her dog’s soft toys (3 of them). She has them in the garden and then brings them in at the end of the day, only they have been disappearing! The others belong to no. 9 – he breaks in through the cat flap and steals them from her daughter’s room.

Anyhow, soft toys are SO last month – March has brought mice and frogs! I think we have seen 3 frogs (all live) in the house and 8 mice (2 alive) but I suspect he may have eaten more. Unlike the soft toys, which are presented to me as gifts, mice are brought in but fiercely protected with growling which makes saving the live ones rather difficult! I retrieved one in a tissue, presumed deceased, in the middle of the night and placed it in the kitchen bin. Next day there was a rustling noise from said bin which sent Li-Li scuttling over to take a look. I lifted the lid to find a cute little mouse standing up on its hind legs looking at me! I have told him that his challenge for April is either a wood pigeon (pests) or a hare from the field (too fast for Theo) – I will keep you updated.

His coat is looking resplendent and he has developed little blond tufts on his hocks which look like wings – cute. He is not really enjoying the lovely weather though and is pretty much nocturnal, spending his days sleeping in the rather chilly study.

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February 2012

More Theo tales - adapted from his owner's email

Theo's NFC playmate Domino, was sadly lost to a road traffic accident just before Christmas. The feline family has now been joined by two rescue cats called Noodles and Li-Li who are brother and sister and the same age as Theo. They all get along well together and he now has some friends to play with again although Theo is the boisterous one out of the 3 of them..

Some bad new to report though. Theo now has a criminal record! A few weeks back an unknown toy mouse appeared in the hallway. We didn’t think much of it until a ladies slipper appeared, then a lump of wadding, 2 different fleecy pet blankets, a hide dog chew and another toy mouse. He has been dragging these round the back, under the gate and in the cat flap. On arrival he makes that funny meowing noise they make when they come in with prey they have caught and precedes to chuck the item about and chew it! Yesterday we solved the mystery of where the items are from. One house 4 doors along from us has 2 grey, tabby kittens (same age, brother and sister) and he got the slipper off them. The rest of the items come from a house on the straight stretch of the cul de sac as you come up to get to us. She is a supply teacher (not always home) and has 2 friendly cats a bit older than Theo. Both think it is highly amusing (thankfully)!

As I started writing this the teacher turned up to reclaim his latest kill – a fleecy blanket. Unfortunately, his breaking and entering exploits also resulted in the washing up cloth being dragged into her lounge as well as one of her bras! The shame!

October 2011

I visited Theo and his feline friends and family today, at their home in Buckinghamshire. It was a lovely sunny day and just right for kittens to run about and chase leaves in the garden or dip their paws in the pond, with the hope they will catch one of the fishes.
Theo has grown such a lot since he left me as a little fluffy kitten. His coat is now full, he has a bit of a ruff coming through and the tabby pattern is really attractive and distinctive. His tail is very bushy and he hold it upright, showing it off to its full advantage. He looks very like his Mum in the face and although I didn't hear it, I am told he is quite a chatterbox too.

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September 2011

Theo tales - adapted from Annette's email

His highlight has been our maple tree in the garden. Theo (and housemate Domino) went right out on a precarious branch just to reach a pigeon's nest and investigate the contents. We have now put chicken wire round the trunks to stop them going up!

This is closely followed by pond dipping - he has emptied my pond several times of floating water hyacinth plants. They have lovely black feather like roots which makes them look like spiders! I end up going down the side of the house and round the backs of all the flower beds retrieving it all (and he brought some inside). They are all now safely under a net. He also saw the big frog when I was sorting out the dead leaves the other day - can't wait until they catch him (not)!

He is very attached to me and is very vocal compared to Domino. He loves curling up in the flowerbeds to sleep all day and we have had several panics as we look outside and the two of them are nowhere to be seen! Just as you start parting the bushes in one flowerbed they appear behind you.

Another favourite game is to sit under the yew hedge and tease the poodles through the wire fence, over the back of the garden. Better still, are the dogs next door - they stick their noses through the holes in the fence (where the knots have fallen out) and snuffle and sniff frantically. Theo dabs their noses which sends them into a barking frenzy and gets them in to trouble with their owners!

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August 2011

Until recently, his home was shared with a very elderly NFC called Monty and Theo has been trying his very best to get this old ambassador to play with him, but to no avail. Fortunately for Theo, he has been joined by a new black and white Norwegian Forest Cat playmate called Domino, from the Cleasanta Cattery. The two kittens have become great friends and of course there is always someone to chase about with and enjoy a game, so old timer Monty can sit back and just watch them now.

They have experienced the outside space and keeping them safe and secure has been a challenge for human Mum Annette, as they are quick to show her any weak points they can escape from. However, they have also discovered the garden pond and watching the tiny things that swim about in it and look very exciting to a little kitty.

Both kittens have made an attempt to climb the big tree in the garden, but not managed to get very far - yet!

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