2011 Nordligdrom Spitfire

Nordligdrøm Spitfire - Male

Red Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO d 09 23

Spitfire is now living in the country with Cyn, Fe, Fil and her extensive family, in Mapledurham, South Oxfordshire

Pedigree for Spitfire


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In his new home

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The early weeks

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February 2013

Spits is always thought of as the kitten in the family but he is practically as big as his brothers now. He is a sweet natures boy and purrs as soon as you mention his name. While Fil looks like his Mum Cosi, Spits looks like his Mum Bob in the face and has the same sharp triangle she has. Fil is very generous towards him and undertakes the task of grooming him or at least the difficult bits.

Cyn's Grandson visits their house once a week and Spits is the name he calls when he arrives and dutifully Spitfire comes from wherever he has been to greet his little friend.

October 2011

It was great to visit Spitfire and Nordligdrom cattery brothers, Fil and Fe at the end of October. He has completely settled in with his new family and loves to run and chase about in the huge garden with the dogs and cats. He isn't quite as fast as Fil and Fe, who are older and bigger, but it won't be long before he overtakes them.

He is already growing a good winter coat and has a fabulous thick bushy tail.

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August 2011

Spitfire lives up to his name and is a very confident, long, slim, kitten with a super length to his tail. Even when he was young, he wasn't particularly frightened of anything and was the leader of both litters. He has gone to live in the perfect home to suit his lively character, and being near to my home I have the bonus of going to visit him and also to enjoy the company of human friend Cyn! He has joined Nordligdrom Fe and Nordligdrom Fil, two brothers from a previous litter, who are just over 2 years old and until he came along, considered themselves the top cats! Also, available as playmates are 2 more cats, 2 Newfoundland dogs and some large hens. There are huge trees to climb and masses of open space to run and chase about in and perhaps later there will be the chance to learn how to hunt, although the other NFC's have so far caught everything that moves in the garden! Spitfire has settled in very quickly and is enjoying being the doted on baby of the family, however everyone is rewarded by his loud purrs and he loves to snuggle up to animals or people.

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