2011 Nordligdrom Red Arrow

Nordligdrøm Red Arrow - Male

Red classic Tabby and White. NFO d 09 22

Red Arrow is now called Marmaduke2 and lives with litter mate Norseman in Wimbledon, near London

Pedigree for Red Arrow

In his new home

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The early weeks

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January 2013 - adapted from an update from Christine

Marmaduke (Red Arrow) has settled in well now, he still has the loudest purr and whilst he remains not keen on being cuddled he loves to sit close and enjoys being stroked and admired …… and of course, we give him plenty of that. On sunny days the four cats languish together mutually grooming each other and watching the various birds and wildlife that come and go in the garden. The squirrel torments them by running across the top of their run just out of reach from their various platforms and lookout points.

We are thinking of changing Marmaduke’s name to Houdini, he keeps getting out into the garden. How he does this is - when he hears the door bell ring he is smart enough to know the front door will be opened, he calmly strolls down the hall, waits for the front door to be opened, belts out around the side of the house, down the drive, in through next doors hole made for their cat, down their garden and into ours and just sits their looking at us. We have given up turning the hose on to make rain as we did when Timmy was that age, we have tried encouraging him with his favourite biscuits that does not work either. Eventually hunger drives him home when it is dark, he is always scared, tired and hungry.

The last time he decided to hoodwink us was last week, he stayed out all afternoon until it was dark, when he eventually came home, he was covered in mud, tired and hungry with his tail down. The other three cats sent him to Coventry because they had all been watching for him and creating for him to come home.

The kittens have formed a strong bond with both Mittens and Timmy and snuggle up together whenever possible as you can see by the picture of Snowy and Timmy. When they were little kittens they would run to Timmy if something frightened them like a loud bang, he would lick them to make them feel safe. I think their mother is a tabby cat so they probably recognized the colouring as a safe haven. Once Marmaduke had learned to behave himself Mittens enveloped them both into his chest and tummy like an old granddad, now the kittens cannot understand why they can no longer do this as they are the same size as Mittens and Timmy. I have seen Mittens sleeping happily on his stool alone when fluffy Marmaduke tries to join him and can’t understand why he keeps falling off the stool. Happily all the cats get on very well.

October 2011

Adapted from an email sent by their owner

All cats get on very well now, the old timers do try to avoid the kittens when they become playful, however when the kittens want to sleep there are two old timers to snuggle up to. The grooming table is definitely Mittens perch and gets very cross if even Timmy tries to get on it when Mittens is in residence, but look at Snowy being privileged!

The pecking order is still Mittens, Timmy (the tabby) Snowy and Marmaduke. The kittens snuggle up to Timmy mostly and only as a privilege does Mittens allow any contact, usually he jumps down away from the kittens after a few minutes of mutual affection.

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August 2011

Red Arrow is now called Marmaduke2 and lives with litter mate Norseman and two older, stately, Norwegian Forest cats, called Mittens and Timmy. His owners report him as being a bit of a rebel and on the cheeky side, however the wiser Mittens has now taken it upon himself to be his mentor and tries to stop him from getting into too much trouble! The cats have access to a great leafy outside space which has super high ledges so they can watch what goes on in the rest of the garden. The felines also share their home with a human family - Christine, Jeremy and their 10 month old twin daughters and they live in Wimbledon, London.

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