2011 Nordligdrom Phantom

Nordligdrøm Phantom - Male

Cream Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO e 09 23

Phantom lives with Jo and Jon in Hampshire and has been given the new name of Morris (after the famous Victorian called William Morris, 1834 - 1896)

Jo is an established and talented artist and you can see some of her work or enquire about a commission by visiting her website Jo Tarrant

Pedigree for Phantom

In his new home

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The early weeks

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December 2012

Wilton and Morris are never far apart and often chase each other on a game of 'tag' through the house.
Currently Morris and Wilton are doing their adorable gaze at the Christmas tree. Predictably there are a variety of decorations hooked off the tree in the morning after a night of playing. Stars seem to be the favourite. Morris has a level 2 purr which gets louder and more intense the more fuss he receives and these cold nights he's often waiting for us to go to bed so he can curl up next to us for the night and keep warm. A lovely natured cat!

October 2011

The now neutered Morris, is very happy with his new Norwegian Forest Cat friend Wilton, and they eat, play and snuggle up together. Morris sleeps on his owners bed and they say he has the loudest purr ever! It is still a bit of a challenge getting him into his harness so he can access the garden, but he is rewarded by being brushed and he will push Wilton out of the way, to make sure he gets preferential treatment!

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August 2011

Phantom was the last of the kittens to leave our cattery and has quickly settled into his new home and is busy exploring. Just before he left us he managed to catch a very tiny mouse that was happily nibbling the grapes on the vine at the bottom of the garden. It was eaten in one, then promptly regurgitated on the hall floor!! In his new home he is under the watchful eye of resident blue and white Norwegian Forest Cat, Wilton, who is still getting used to this cute little bundle of cream fur, who is always trotting about and has now invaded, his once peaceful home! Jon and Jo describe Phantom as a very happy kitten who has a 'touch sensitive' purr and they are happy to have him around.

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