2011 Nordligdrom Norseman

Nordligdrøm Norseman - Male

Cream Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO e 09 23

Norseman is now called Snowy and lives with litter mate Red Arrow, Chris, Jeremy and the twins in Wimbledon, London

Pedigree for Norseman

In his new home

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The early weeks

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January 2013

Norseman AKA Snowy, (the one with a white nose that looks as if he has just come in from the snow) is a very regal cat and when he feels brave enough challenges Mittens who, if you remember, is top cat. Mittens is now 10 years old and into his eleventh year; one day when Mittens is less able to defend his position, Snowy will emerge as top cat.

Attached are photo’s of your boys, the one of all four cats altogether shows various pieces of material hanging down which protects them from the sun when they fall asleep for a long time; the kittens get excited when the breeze moves the material so they pounce and enjoy pulling the it from the pegs holding it in place. The other picture showing the three cats together was taken in October at the very end of their middle chamber part of the cat run, this is called ‘Look out Point’ and is where they sit for hours just watching anything that moves in the garden willing it/them to come that little bit closer and closer….

Occasionally a frog will make the mistake of hopping into their run but soon plays possum (plays dead) until the cats are no longer interested, either the frog is rescued by me or he hops away when the cats are not looking. The cats in the photos had not yet grown their winter coats, now they are all just one big ball of fluff. Happily all the cats get on very well.

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August 2011

Norseman has the new name of snowy as his owners think the white on his paws looks as if he has been out in the snow. He is described as being a happy cat, bounding, climbing and leaping around the purpose built cat garden he has access to, then he likes to rush up and down the hall before going out to explore with his litter mate Red Arrow and older cats Mittens and Timmy. He likes to bring slugs in to the kitchen from the cat garden and Christine has to watch she doesn't slip on them, making a squashy mess on the floor!

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