2011 Nordligdrom Kit Kat

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Nordligdrøm KitKat - Female

Black Silver Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO ns 09 23

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December 2011

KitKat is almost 7 1/2 months old now. She really loves being outside, whatever the weather, and in spite of it not being cold until recently, she has grown a lovely thick coat with a magnificent full tail.

She is convinced there is a mouse in the vine covered pergola at the bottom of the garden and seems glued to a high up shelf near the transparent roof where she has no doubt seen it, but it is safe where it is and can enjoy feeding on the remaining bunches of ripe grapes.

We now have now put up our outdoor Christmas tree and it looks very pretty covered in lights and decorations. Unlike our other cats, she hasn't attempted to climb it or bat the baubles, but perhaps mousing is more important than anything else at the moment!

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August 2011

Spitfire and Phantom were with us for quite a bit of August and the trio were always together and spent much of the day in rough and tumble or high speed chases around the garden. Phantom was the last to leave and KitKat has adapted well to being on her own and one of the neuters spends time playing with her, but I guess it isn't as much fun as when the others were here! She seems to grow longer by the day and you can really see the distinct markings on her coat now. She loves being in the garden and she has a favourite tucked away ledge where she can watch the world go by, but nobody outside the garden can see her.

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