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Nordligdrøm Bournville - Male

Black Mackerel Tabby And White. NFO n 09 23

Bournville now goes under the new name of Humphrey and is living with Sarah and Anthony in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, along with litter mates Aero and Yorkie.

Pedigree for Bournville

2011 - 2013

Bournville 16 months - 2012 Bournville and litter sister, Aug 2012 Bournville Aug 2012 Bournville, Aug 2012 Bournville Feb 12 - 10 months Bournville Feb 12 - 10 months Bournville bird chattering Bournville Dec 2011 Bournville 6 months Bournville soon after moving to his new home

Early days

Bournville 13 weeks Bournville 8 weeks Bournville 7 weeks Bournville 7 weeks Bournville 6 weeks Bournville 4 weeks Bournville 2.5 weeks Bournville 2 weeks

Late September 2013 - From Sarah and Anthony

In November 2012, Humphrey was knocked down by a car on the road next to our house. I won’t go into the sadness of this event, as it does not need explaining.

After months of missing him, we agreed that one way of letting his spirit live on would be to get another kitten. Even better would be to get another kitten from his family line. One visit to the Marlow cattery later, and we left with not one, but two more kittens (Rosie and Benji) – both with the same mum as Humphrey (and Lucy and Sylvester) – purrfect.

We still think and talk about Humphrey – it’s difficult not to when Benji in particular has so many similar traits of character. So here’s to Humphrey. What a gorgeous boy, taken from us far, far too early – you’re not forgotten, and still with us in many ways xxx

January 2013

Very sadly Bournville was killed in a road traffic accident towards the end of 2012. In spite of his owners best efforts to secure the garden, he managed to escape, leaving them devastated.

July 2012 - Summer update from Sarah

The poor cats have had to endure two trips to the cattery so far and it’s fair to say they are not fans of being taken away from the comforts of home life and their beloved back garden. But it was on the last visit that the lady who runs the cattery (and adores them all) described Humphrey as the “jealous and needy” one which really does sum him up. In his earlier blogs when he was a baby I wrote that he would come and meow and tell me off if I was found stroking one of the other two... This has now progressed from meowing into full blown running over and pushing the other cat out of the way! Naughty Humphrey!

Humphrey is probably the most “obsessed” with the garden, he loves being outside and despite the hours and days that Anthony has spent constructing and maintaining the now infamous “cat fence” – Humphrey has managed to escape a few times. He’s never gone for very long thankfully but it’s usually long enough to send us out around the neighbourhood looking for him - you can’t have posh pedigrees wandering the neighbourhood unattended

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Christmas 2011 - Update from Sarah

As I’ve said before, Humphrey is the biggest and yet the most babyish of the cats. He’s an adorable boy, huge and warm and cuddly. His cutest trait is when you pick him up for a cuddle and give him a squeeze, he will let out a little contented squeaky noise. He really does get jealous if he spots a human giving one of his siblings a cuddle or a stroke. One morning, I was giving Lucy a stroke, completely unaware that Humphrey was in the room. I suddenly heard a loud meow and it was Humphrey telling me off for ignoring him!

He is generally the most talkative of the three. One morning, Humphrey was in the bathroom with me while I was having a shower. After I got out, I heard Humphrey doing his cat-like chatter through the bathroom door and trying to put his paw underneath the door. I opened the door to let him out – and there was Lucy on the other side who had been talking to him. Once reunited, they gave each other a big friendly grooming session. Gorgeous!

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October 2011 - Update from Sarah

People often come round to our house to “view” the cats and express surprise at how quickly they have grown. My brother recently remarked that Humphrey now has panther/cheetah-like qualities... But to us, Humphrey is still a little baby who couldn’t be further away from his “Big Cat” cousins. In fact, quite how he would survive in the wild we will never know!

He is a wonderfully handsome cat, indeed he gets more handsome as he grows. One of his most beautiful traits is the way his tail always seems to flick into the most perfect of shapes when he comes to say hello, or just when he’s trotting through the room.

He hates to be left out of things and if he happens upon another kitten getting some attention, then he’ll meow straight away to tell the human off for excluding him!

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August 2011 - composed by his new owner Sarah

Happy to let his brother, Sylvester, take the lead in everything from playing to grooming, Humphrey can only be described as the kitten who just doesn't want to grow up. He is a large kitten but has yet to grow into himself with his over-sized paws and legs and probably the longest tail ever seen on a cat of his age!

Humphrey 's favourite game is the yellow feather toy which his first human mum gave him and his siblings to take to their new home. The challenge of chasing the feathers around the room for the millionth time never tires him out. When he does finally get hold of it between his teeth, he will pull at it so that he can take it to his hiding place under the bed where he will then growl at it for some time.

He loves being picked up and will sit with people for ages while resting his long arms and head over his human friend while staring seemingly into space. At night, he is usually the first to climb onto the bed and walk over his humans while purring loudly in their faces to remind them to give him a big cuddle before sleep time.

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