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Nordligdrøm Aero - Female

Black Silver Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO ns 09 23

Aero now goes under the new name of Lucy and is living with Sarah and Anthony in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, along with litter mate Yorkie. Astonish and Dark Secret joined them in 2013 and details about the kittens can be found there.

Pedigree for Aero

2011 on wards

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January 2018 - from Sarah

Lucy: is sat right next to my screen now on a new cushioned position we have created next to the computer, so the cats can keep a close eye on working humans. She is still as beautiful as ever, her winter coat and white "scarf" on her chest are again at their best. One of the wonderful things about winter is the cats' gorgeous Norwegian coats!Lucy is very much Daddy's cat, she sleeps right next to him every night which is very sweet, after undertaking enthusiastic cuddles with both human parents.

September 2015 - from Sarah

I've written many times before about how beautiful Lucy is, and she really is just stunning. Lady-like and feminine in both appearance and behaviour, she is always the best behaved cat out of all four of them. If you ever can't find a cat in the garden, you always worry one has escaped somehow, but with Lucy you don't need to worry because she is so perfectly behaved.

The only real worry in Lucy's world, is the shadow that follows her round in the form of Rosie! Wherever Lucy goes to rest her head, have a drink, or wander - Rosie will be right behind her. Very sweet to see the girls together and Lucy so long-suffering!

Late June 2014 - from Sarah

Lucy’s primary love in life is her humans. She is not so much a cat’s cat, as a human one. If her siblings suddenly disappeared, I’m not sure she would actually be too bothered! Still, she has nice some moments curled up with the “kittens”, although not for particularly long.

She has always been very curious about water and her latest obsession is the pond in our new garden. There are a lot of tad poles in the pond at the moment, that are not far off turning into frogs, and she can spend many an hour, sitting staring at the water. On one occasion, something particularly interesting must have caught her attention as she fell in the pond! All quite dramatic, but she recovered quickly with a good towel down from human dad.

Late September 2013 - from Sarah and Anthony

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Lucy didn’t appear (outwardly anyway) to mourn the loss of Humphrey when he left us. Certainly not in the way Sylvester did. I did wonder if perhaps the hierarchical order had changed in her favour which is why she seemed happier if anything after he had gone…

After a few months, Rosie and Benji, made their first appearance in Kingston, and after a shaky start (Lucy and Sylvester were not initially impressed with the new kitten arrivals), everyone gradually became friends. And since then, the bond between Lucy and Rosie has grown to a real mother/daughter relationship. They barely go anywhere without each other. If one of them disappears into a room with a shut door, then the other will roam the house calling for the other.

Lucy can regularly be heard plodding around calling for Rosie to come and play with her favourite toy. This toy was given to Lucy, Humphrey and Sylvester by the Marlow cattery when they first came to Kingston themselves as kittens. It is a small bit of fabric on a string attached to a stick. The hours we have spent playing this game whereby Lucy jumps like a true acrobat to catch the fabric on the end… She never tires of it, and has now taught Rosie how to play it too. No other toy will ever do!

Sept 2013 - one liners from Sarah until she has time to write a blog

And gorgeous Lucy is still gorgeous and lovely (and still loves a scrap with Sylvester!)

Early days

 Aero,  12 weeks  Aero,  11 weeks  Aero,  9 weeks  Aero,  7 weeks  Aero,  6 weeks  Aero,  4 weeks  Aero,  2 weeks

July 2012 - Summer update from Sarah

It is one year since the three kittens moved to Kingston and you might expect that our house would be trashed and we would be covered in scratches etc... But nothing could be further from the truth. Our house has barely a mark from the cats and they really are the most gentle and affectionate boys and girl. While Lucy may be a little more aloof than her brothers, she is a gentle and loving girl towards her humans, particularly at bed time when she loves a cuddle. The rest of the time she can be found padding endlessly around the garden, never stopping for a sit down, or otherwise chasing her brothers in play fights. Sometimes I feel like running over and stopping the boys beating her up – but on closer inspection, it is usually Lucy doing the beating up rather than the other way round!

Christmas 2011 - Update from Sarah

One evening recently we were lying in bed ready to go to sleep. Slightly irritated that I might have to get up and turn a tap off, I asked Anth, “what’s that dripping noise?”. He replied “Lucy!”... As usual, Anth had turned the tap on in the bathroom, filled up the basin for her so that she can stare in awe at the water and then tap it, paddle in it and then flick the water from her wet paws across the bathroom. She is almost human-like in her morning and evening bathroom routines and never gets bored of it! Her brothers often join in too, but she is always there first and last.

She is a true beauty, getting more beautiful by the day – her white fur around her neck which frames her face like a flowing pashmina is a wonder of nature it really is. And her eyes are the most expressive we’ve ever seen on a cat. Her eyes can look interested, worried, concerned, perturbed – any one of an array of human-like emotions. She is also really affectionate both with her human parents and any visitors who might pop in to see her.

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October 2011 - Update from Sarah

Lucy is so friendly and affectionate, she is pretty much unrecognisable from her former self when we first met her. She can’t keep away from her humans, whether they are on the sofa, in bed – or better still, doing some cooking. If the humans are cooking, then there’s no better time to repeatedly jump on the work top and try to get involved... No matter how many times you tell Lucy “no” – she just will never understand (or should that be “completely ignores”? - When you’re as pretty as Lucy there is no need to listen to instructions is there!).

When Lucy first arrived in Kingston, her tabby markings were fairly indistinct. Now though, they are developing into beautiful tiger stripes all over her back and sides and the tops of her legs. The dark colours of her stripes contrast with the bright white coat on her chest and tummy. She has a wonderful skill of sitting herself on the bed while leaning her back and head on the pillows behind her in a sitting position, just like a human. Or alternatively lying back to invite a tummy-rub – her favourite thing in the whole world!

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August 2011- composed by her new owner Sarah

Initially the shyest kitten (we could barely get near her when we went to visit her before taking her home), Lucy has now relaxed into her new home as a confident little lady. Indeed, the term "catwalk" was created for Lucy - she really does seem to be completely aware of just how beautiful she is and how this beauty will mean she will get away with pretty much anything she wants!

In contrast to her feminine side, she also enjoys play time. In fact, she doesn't just keep up with her two larger brothers - she positively leads the way and can often be found waking the other two up to carry on with her never-ending games of hide and seek, chase and play fights… Even as the games appear to get rougher, Lucy is still there at the epicentre of whatever is going on.

The diva-like behaviour and love of rough and tumble belies her real soft side. Her favourite position to sleep in is flat on her back inviting anyone nearby to try and resist stroking the gorgeously soft and pure white fur on her tummy - a true sight (and sensation) to behold. At other times, she can be found padding around a sleeping human while purring and asking for a stroke and a cuddle.

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