Nordligdrom Fledermaus

Nordligdrøm Fledermaus - Male 1/8/09

Black Mackerel Tabby. NFO n 23

Best friend of litter mate Fjord - these two brothers live in Herts.

Pedigree for Fledermaus

The tale of a mouse, April 2013

There once was a mouse (or perhaps a shrew) that made the big mistake of wandering into the garden of brothers Fledermaus and Fjord. As any good NFC would do, they brought it indoors to show their owner and let it loose under the games drawers, so they could demonstrate their hunting ability. Both boys had it cornered, but the little animal was just out of reach of their probing paws. The story has a happy ending as luckily as it was rescued by their owner, Tom and it was allowed to run away outside!

Mouse9 Mouse8 Mouse7 Mouse6 Mouse5 Mouse4 Mouse3 Mouse2 Mouse1

In his new home

Fledermaus, May 2012 Fledermaus, May 2012 Fledermaus, urthest away Fledermaus (and brother Fjord) May 2012 Fledermaus sporting a full winter coat Jan 2012 Fledermaus, Aug 2011 Fledermaus, May 2011 Fjord (left) and Fledermaus, 2011 Fledermaus and his mouse, 2011 Fledermaus, May 2011 Fjord (left) and Fledermaus, admiring the snow 27/12/10 Fledermaus, Feb 2010

The early weeks

 Fledermaus 11 weeks old cuddled up to Gateaux  Fledermaus 10.5 weeks  Fledermaus 10 weeks old  Fledermaus 9 weeks old  Fledermaus 4 weeks old  Fledermaus 3 weeks old  Fledermaus 10 days old

December 2012

More tales about a rather naughty Fledermaus from his owner Tom

Fledermaus has recently become very demanding for attention and as soon as he comes in, usually soaking, he jumps on the laptop keyboard and makes it hard for me to work. He then steals pencils or pens and takes them into the kitchen where he can slide them around the tiled floor playing football. He has also started scratching the wallpaper by the front door when he wants to go out. As soon as he is let out, he runs round the back of the house, in through the cat flap and asks to be let out the front again

May 2012

Now a very handsome boy of almost 3 years old and firmly established in the home he shares with his brother Fjord. However, his owners report he is a dare devil and gets into trouble. See the recent account below.

Fledermaus had a lucky escape the other day, he managed to get on the roof of the conservatory, which is no mean feat, and then climb in through the vent window and jump down around 12 feet to the floor. As it was all locked up, if I hadn't found him, he could have cooked in there!

October 2011

Mini Update 6/10 - Oh dear Fledermaus has caught his second wood pigeon (or the same one again) today but fortunately for the wood pigeon he just likes to let it go and try and catch it again as he has not yet worked out they can be eaten! Fledermaus is even chasing bats by jumping off low roofs and trying to catch them on the way down, but they are too fast even for him. Both brothers are starting to grow their winter coats again after this warm spell.


September 2011

Adapted from an email sent by his owner Tom - Fledermaus is unfortunately becoming a very skilled hunter. He is killing birds, mice and frogs and he only kills for the pleasure, then gives up when the prey stops moving. Worse still is his brother Fjord, as he eats Fledermaus's birds whole or anything else he brings into the house. They both insist on holding any male (human) with their teeth when being cuddled or groomed, but never any female members of the family! Fleders loves the cat brush and will even bring it to you in his mouth when he wants grooming.We think NFCs believe they are people rather than cats!

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Updated August 2011

Fledermaus owes his name - not to the German Operetta, but to an experience I had a few days before he was born. I was on a business trip to Frankfurt, Germany and we stayed in a pleasant Hotel perched high up on a ledge and amongst the vineyards and wooded hillsides. Being a hot night the room windows were open and I woke in the night to find something diving about in the room, which turned out to be a bat! It was eventually dispatched and the following day I tried to describe what had happened to my German colleagues and much to their amusement they informed me it was a 'Fledermaus' and we all agreed it would be the perfect name for a kitten.

Cosima's litter were all pretty similar to look at, but Fledermaus had fabulous ear tips and as he grew up, a slightly redder glow to his ample fur coat.

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