Nordligdrom Fjord

Nordligdrøm Fjord - Male Brown Mackerel Tabby 1/8/09

Fjord shares his very comfortable Hertfordshire home with litter mate Fledermaus

Pedigree for Fjord

2014/15/16/17/18 Pics of Fledermaus and Fjord

Fjord and Fledermaus June 2018 Fledermaus and Fjord, May 2018 Fjord and Fledermaus May 2016 Fjord (L) and Fledermaus, Summer 2015 Fjord Dec 2014 Dec 14 Fjord (L) in full winter coat and Fledermaus (R) still waiting to grow his, Oct 2014  Aug 14

In his new home

Fjord and Fledermaus Feb 2014 If you look carefully you can just about see Fjord in the Christmas tree! Dec 12 Best ever friends - Fjord and Fledermaus, Nov 2012 Fjord, May 2012 Fjord, May 2012 Fjord, May 2012 Fjord, May 2012 The ever chilled Fjord, January 2012 Fjord Aug 2011 Fjord May 2011 Fjord Feb 2011 Fjord April 2011, stalking a potential bird dinner! Fjord up Christmas tree 2010

The early weeks

Fjord 10.5 weeks old in the garden Fjord 10.5 weeks old Fjord 8 weeks old Fjord 7 weeks old Fjord 3 weeks old Fjord 10 days old

December 2012

When they had their annual vets visit in October, the vet said they were very slightly overweight and we had to be careful they did not put more weight (as in fat not bulk) on. They both have a slight tummy on them. We always left a bowl of biscuits down for them and now we measure how much they get. Fjord does not like this and will wake us in the night for food if there is no food left, even if he is not hungry, and has in the past few weeks taking to jumping on the dining table when we are eating to see if he can get anything.

October 2012

- An account of Fjord and Fledermaus adapted from Tom's email

They have managed to kill a whole nest of shrews and given some guests staying here a headless mouse on their bed. They seem to prefer the chase to the kill, as soon as they catch something large they let it go then try to catch it again, they have done this with wood pigeons and magpies. Their favourite is frogs or toads, they prod them to make them jump, although the frogs trick seems to be to play dead and the boys give up. They have brought a live mouse home then chased it round the living room.

It was really sweet a few weeks ago, there was a program on television where some new-born kittens were calling to their mother and Fledermaus was watching it with great interest. Fjord came in the cat flap, heard the kittens crying and rushed through to the living room and started licking Fledermaus’s head as he must have thought Fledermaus was making the kitten cries.

Some new neighbours moved in with some cats and they have a large long haired Tom (farm cat) and he must have thought he was the big tough cat. He ventured into our garden and he was cornered by our two and was swearing and hissing with his fur up and our two were just sitting down together watching with great interest, no aggression or fear. I chased them away and he has not come in our garden again.

May 2012

Fjord had the darkest coloured coat in Cosima's litter and was really very pretty as a youngster and had an easy going affection. I don't think he has changed much as his owner Tom says he is really difficult to take a photograph of, because whenever he sees someone he rushes to greet them!

You may notice that they both wear collars with devices on them? These special collars are put on whenever they are allowed outside and protect them from crossing the electronic boundaries of the garden and keep them safe, while allowing them freedom of the outside space.

October 2011

Mini update 6/10 - Fjord has worked out birds are food but he is not such a persistent or skilled hunter as Fledermaus. Fjord's coat is coming in again although he kept much of it through the summer this year, making him look like a bigger fluffy cat than he perhaps is.


September 2011

Adapted from an email sent by his owner Tom - Fjord also brings us home presents through the cat flap, 3ft long palm leaves, large wood sticks from the kindling pile, paper flyers dropped on the doorstep and the postman's rubber bands. Unfortunately he eats lots of the rubber bands then regurgitates them in furballs. The wood sticks are impressive as they are too wide to fit through the cat flap, so he brings them in lengthwise. We joke about Fjord being the "special needs" cat as he is so soft, loving and docile with us, but he is becoming the dominant of the two when outside. Fjord never lost his summer coat this year unlike his brother Fledermaus.

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Updated August 2011

Fjord was the darker coloured kitten in the litter and slightly smaller than his brothers, when he was a youngster. He has now big and has grown a magnificent heavy coat, true to the Norwegian Forest cat breed. He was a very easy going kitten and had a similar temperament to litter brother Filigree. His owners tell me he is still very affectionate and a big softy and likes nothing better than to relax and purr.

Both Fjord and his brother love the outdoors and patiently wait to have their 'special' electronic collars put on each day, which allow them to be kept safe within the boundaries of the garden. Once outside they like to keep an eye out for any potential prey and their favourite, seems to be catching frogs at the moment!

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