Nordligdrom Filigree

Nordligdrøm Filigree - Male 1/8/09

Black Mackerel Tabby. NFO n 23

Best friend of litter mate Fe, he also shares his home with 2 other cats, a huge Newfoundland dog, a new equally large puppy and some Cochin hens as well as his human family. Nordligdrom Spitfire joined them in Aug 2011.

Pedigree for Filigree


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In his new home

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The early weeks

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February 2013

Fil looked absolutely splendid in his full winter coat when I visited and was spread out on the kitchen table in a spot where nobody would miss him. He was scooped up to be shown to me and didn't even move a muscle when placed back on the table again and after much praise about his beauty. He is so like his mum Cosi to look at, particularly in the face and just a much bigger version of her. He has the fluffiest fur I have seen in a long time and it is several inches long. It feels like soft down and floats through the air when he moves, although he will lose most of it in the summer and seem a completely different cat.

He loves his human Mum and cannot curl up close enough to her at night, to the point she has difficulty breathing with this lump of a cat sitting on her chest or on her head! This is accompanied by purring, so goodness knows how anyone gets any sleep.

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Updated August 2011

Fil's litter were like peas in a pod and it was very difficult to tell them apart, so Fil and Fe wore little coloured collars, just so I could see who was who. I took them both to their first show at Rugby when they were 4 months old and even the judges found it hard to find any real differences at that age.

Now that they have grown up there are subtle differences, both is size, colour and personality. Fil is the softer, easy going cat and absolutely adores his human Mum and rarely misses a night when he doesn't sleep as close as possible, to her. Very accepting of the new arrival Spitfire, he too is allowed to snuggle up next to him in this premium sleeping space!

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