Nordligdrom Fe

Nordligdrøm Fe - Male 1/8/09

Black Mackerel Tabby. NFO n 23

He lives with litter mate Filigree, good friend Cynthia and her family, in South Oxfordshire. They live on a large country estate so they have lots of safe space to hunt, play and climb trees. In 2011 Spitfire joined them.

Pedigree for Fe


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In his new home

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The early weeks

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February 2013

I probably hear more news about my 'Mapledurham' Norwegian Forest cats, than many of the others, as I regularly meet their owner and good friend Cyn. She is my primary kitten tester/handler and I have to stop her from taking all of them home with her each time she visits! Because we have so much chat and email exchanges, I never update their web pages, which is very neglectful of me. Today this changed and I visited them in their spacious home and gardens, accompanied with camera, paper and pen! It was a proper interview and photo shoot and the lunch that accompanied it, was fantastic as usual.

All 3 cats are in full splendour and their winter coats are fantastic and just what a NFC should be like. Best friends and brothers Fil and Fe are wonderful cats in character, with Fe being the slightly more aloof, handsome, masculine one and Fil the 'pretty' boy. Fe is still the top, ruling cat and this extends to the two huge Newfoundland dogs that certainly know their under-cat status, even though they weigh as much as the average human!

Fe (meaning 'fairy' in Norwegian) has similar colouring and sleek, fur texture as his Mum - Cosima and the same excellent proportions of length of body and tail, but is much bigger or course. His eyes are his most startling feature being the brightest of vivid green. He is the chief hunter in their immediate garden and I am assured nothing that is fair game, is not caught by any of the cats and delivered through the cat flap.

He is Phil's (Cyn's husband) favourite cat and loyally sleeps at the bottom of the bed each night.

Both Fil and Fe are avid climbers and can shin up their huge trees in seconds and also return to the ground in a similar way unlike Spitfire who knows how to go up but not come down. It usually end up with Phil having to come to the rescue with a big ladder, often in the pitch dark, to rescue this red boy!

The cats demonstrate their ability to climb up to high spaces by getting onto the pergola and roof of Cyn's old school house, as an easy task and the photos tell the story.

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Updated August 2011

Scandinavian mythology leads us to believe the sun god Freya's chariot was drawn by a pair of fairy cats, which are thought to be Norwegian Forest Cats. They were particularly identifiable by their large size, big coats and magnificent flowing tails. 'Fe' is the Norwegian word for Fairy and he was very sweet and fairy like as a little kitten, however today he has grown into a big male with the most striking green eyes, which are inherited from his Mum and grandad.

Fe is a true hunter and his owners report he has caught most things, brave enough to venture into the garden! He likes to think he is top cat and is coming to terms with the invasion of red tabby - Nordligdrom Spitfire in Aug 2011.

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