Premier Nordligdrom Emir

Nordligdrøm Emir - Male

Black Mackerel Tabby. NFO n 23

August 2016

It was with great sadness that Jules contacted me to tell me that Emir had been found dead and the vet believed he had been in a road traffic accident. He was a very challenging cat to try and keep in their enclosed garden and he seemed to always find a new escape route, sometimes using the flat roof of their house.

He was just 7 years old and very loved by all the family and I know he will be very missed.

Emir is the latest Norwegian Forest Cat to join Nordligdrom Catherine and Nordligdrom Rocket and of course Indie the Russian Blue. They all live with the Lawrence family in Reading, Berkshire.


'Jules Cats' - more pictures of Emir and his house mates

Emir in his new home

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Emir at the Tidworth Show, June 2010

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The early weeks

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October 2012

Extract from Jule's email
Emir went through a phase when he managed to pull down the netting and got out several times over the summer.

He even ran at me and got out of the front door as I was going in and unlike Rocket, he was on a mission and couldn’t be caught. He always returned a few hours later or the next day looking perfectly alright, just a bit tired and hungry, but it was a real worry. He’s not been out for weeks now but I wouldn’t give him half a chance – he’s so quick and can jump and climb amazing heights.

I had to put together several pots of various sizes and heights to put him off scaling the wall and climbing onto the flat roof even though it was netted. The pots seem to put him off as they wobbled – anything too big and he would use it to his advantage. All potential climbing equipment has had to be removed – barbecue, parasol, washing line etc…

Having said that he’s an absolute softie – he purrs as soon as you talk to him and he rolls over onto his back to be rubbed and loves being brushed. A real sweetie. Funny thing was that he never tried to get out of the garden gate like Rocket – only Rocket worked out that the washing basket was quite wide and allowed him enough room to sneak through when the gate was opened!!!

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Updated August 2011 -

Emir was the first of Astrid's kittens to be born and I think he is quite the largest and heaviest we have ever had!

Astrid's daughter Cosima, had her kittens a couple of days later and they all grew up together so there were always plenty of playmates.

He lives with Jules and Bob, their grown up children and 3 other cats, in Reading Berks, which is near enough for me to visit now and again. He absolutely loves being outside and doesn't seem to mind what the weather is like, but even the pouring rain seems to run off his ample thick coat.

Bob and Jules have done an excellent job enclosing a big area of their garden so the cats have lots of room to play and chase about in. Emir does keep Bob on his toes by finding 'vulnerable' escape routes, which are soon patched up until he finds his next challenge.....

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