Nordligdrom Elskling

Nordligdrøm Elskling - Male

Blue Mackerel Tabby. NFO a 23

Elskling is now called Sabre and lives with Jill and Hugh in The New Forest.


In his new home

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A report from his owner Jill, May 2016

My life in the New Forest is pretty good. Magnus and I seem to have trained our family to do the right things by us. Only change is that last year a chocolate and white Havanese puppy, Alfie) joined us. They were planning another Buhund like Magnus (now 12) but there were no litters in the UK after a year of waiting. So, there was Alfie in nearby Christchurch looking for a home and that was that. Magnus settled into the role of Daddy dog almost instantly and seemed to get a new lease of life and his waistline back. I, as befits a cat, took my time, so that Alfie did not get the impression I was a pushover. But we soon became friends and have fun chases and play fights. Sometimes Alfie get can get a bit rough but Magnus is quickly on hand to help me teach him that cats have to be shown a certain level of respect. Now that Alfie is fully grown, I am still taller and longer than he is ‘tho he is heavier and more rotund.

August 2014 - Written by Jill on behalf of Sabre.

Thought you might like to see the pic of me relaxing in the undergrowth during the heatwave (July 2014).

I was keeping my eyes wide open in case any wildlife came into prospect but my family were playing croquet nearby and Magnus was giving out the occasional woof so no luck. I also climbed out on to the orangery roof early one morning to take in the view in the morning air.

As you can see I have now matured into a fine Nordligdrom NFC.

The early weeks

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February 2012

Sabre and his canine house mate Magnus, recently lost their best friend Lizzie - a very old Persian cat. She had been there to welcome and look after them when they arrived as a new kitten and puppy and they missed her very much when she slipped away in 2011. However the two companions are very good friends and enjoy each others company. Sabre is a dab hand at opening doors so he can slink away and find a comfortable bed to sleep on however when Magnus tries to copy this, he makes so much noise that he gives the game away!

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August 2011

Elskling means 'Sweetheart or Darling' in Norwegian, although the spelling may differ a little. His new family think that 'Sabre' is a more fitting name for him now. He lives in a spacious area of the New Forest, Hampshire, which is in the South of England. As well as his human family, he shares his home with an elderly Persian cat and a Norwegian Bu-Hound and we believe they are the only Norwegian cat and dog living together in UK.

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