Nordligdrom Sparkler

Nordligdrøm Sparkler - Female 6/11/08

Black Tortie Tabby and White. NFO f 09 23

A 'sparkler' is a type of hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting coloured flames, sparks, and other effects and pretty well describes the colour found on her.

Sparkler now goes under the name of Hattie and lives in Surrey with Anna and Matt and a pretty tortie girl - Sky

Pedigree for Sparkler

2014 - (Hattie now aged 5 years old) and in 2015

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Extracts from Anna's email in Jan 2015.New

Sky and Hattie are the same as always, very well but not friends. Hattie is slightly less bonkers but still has some bad habits. She has recently discovered that we have underfloor heating in our downstairs bathroom, and so has spent most of the winter stretched out on the floor in front of the toilet - very convenient - not! She spent a lot of the summer out with us on the lead in the back garden and only escaped once, through the hole in the bottom of the fence at the back of the garden. I managed to get her back luckily as she hadn't gone for long, chasing a bird and got stuck with her lead on around the back of next door's shed!

She is rubbish at climbing trees still - she seems to have no forward planning in her brain. She just rushes at things without thinking of the consequences, and consequently races up a tree only to find there are no branches or anything for her to cling onto, which means she just comes tumbling back down again once she's run out of energy. Good thing too really as she is usually on her lead and would get caught up if there were any branches - so much for the 'forest' bit of her ancestry.

Extracts from Anna's email in Jan 2014.

It gives me much pleasure to hear about Sparkler (AKA Hattie) as she has been the most strong spirited of all my kittens and she still lives up to the true tortie tradition! I did warn Anna about having two torties - but she just wouldn't listen......

Extracts from Anna's email, Jan 2014

Hattie is still full of fun and mischief, makes us laugh every day. She still has her bonkers moments, mostly when we get home from being out for any length of time, which also includes 'dying' dramatically with a loud 'thud' the minute you get through the front door.

Its after that that we find the house re-arranged with clothes and things being dragged from one room to another, and all the toys out of the toy box. She has learnt loads of words including the word we use for going for a walk outside on her harness, which is 'tatties' (ancient family tradition from Matthew's side). So much so that we have to spell it out when we talk about it, rather than actually say it or she just bundles up to the drawer where the lead is kept and starts squealing.

Talking of outside, she spent a lovely summer with Matthew outside most of the time, when the weather is good. Although we always have her in her harness and with a lead, once she stops sniffing around the garden she tends to flop down under a bush and snooze, much like any other cat, so you can actually leave her but keep and eye on her. She's not so bothered now the weather is bad, and after about 5 minutes we just say 'biscuits' and she trundles back in through the doors to the biscuit bowl and thats it.

She and Sky still don't get on - but thats just the way it is. Sky hisses when they touch noses, and then tries to bop Hattie on the head...then Hattie backs off. But, the second Sky then moves away Hattie just bowls over to her, veering off at the last moment just to wind her up. They are funny.

Hattie at 5 now has finally stopped growing at a healthy 6.5 kg. She has a few knots that she will not let us groom out. Although she is the most loving and cuddly cat most of the time, one flash of the comb and she would and tries to eat your arm. So we have to do little and often to retain our limbs intact!

In her new home

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The early weeks

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Click on her name below to see her dressing the Christmas Tree!


Christmas update from Anna's email

- Just fed the cats and took this photo about 5 mins ago (Hattie Dec 12 in the gallery) - not very Christmassy, but is Hattie in a nutshell, so I thought you might like it. She always waits for me to get the food out, and checks that I wash up the bowls properly and share the food fairly - her favourite time of the day really... She is still as nutty and adorable as ever...

Summer update from Anna

Hattie is now a respectable 6 kilo's in weight, at the age of just over 3 1/2 years old. She is completely nutty as ever - having just walked in to where I am now with a q tip (her favourite new toy) in her mouth, and has now completely obliterated the scalextric cycling velodrome that Matthew got for his birthday. That is about how it goes every evening. She has fallen in love with one of the scalextric's cyclists who is now adorned with her favourite white mouse she has had since we picked her up as a kitten, and brings him upstairs to our bedroom every night, along with accompanying squeaking noises she makes.... that about sums her up! That is torties all over!

September 2011

I think Sparkler has to be the most colourful kitten we have produced at the Nordligdrom cattery. Even though she was born in the early hours, when it was cold and very dark, she was immediately distinguishable as a bright tortie, right from the onset! She has a narrow black band of fur just above her chin line, making her look as if she has a moustache, similar to those you draw on faces, to make the picture of a person look funny. She is a lovely big girl with a very nice profile and head and had a lot of potential on the show bench. However as her owners will confirm, she also has a very strong character and most things are done on her terms, which do not include going to shows! She lives with an older tortie female called Sky, who is very tolerant and understanding to the high energy games, she demands to play. Fortunately, her owners Anna and Matt have plenty of time for her even when she has her 'mad' half hour of chasing round their house.

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