Nordligdrom Dunvegan

Nordligdrøm Dunvegan - Male

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

He lives in Essex with the 'Sullivan' family, litter mate Dim Sum and another Norwegian Forest Cat of a similar age.


In his new home

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The early weeks

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$2 $2

Dec 2012 - from an email from Steve

The cats are fine. Dunvegan managed to destroy the tree by sleeping in it, so off to see if I can get a new one today! Freya (Nordligdrom Dim Sum) is such moo and a bully sometimes. She calls the boys then hisses at them. We have a new table and chairs and yes already they have attacked the chairs.


From an account written by his owner Steve.

On Steve's birthday, Dunvegan fell out of my daughter's bedroom window, but fortunately he landed OK. He had to have his right front canine removed as he broke it. He fell 35 feet, but all he wanted to do was get back to his own home. My daughter was very upset but the vet said he was ok, except for the tooth of course.

As of the Friday of last week he was back to normal, opening boxes and getting necklaces out and hiding them!

One lucky cat I would say and perhaps he has used up one of his lives?

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