Nordligdrom Diva

Nordligdrøm Diva - Female

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

Diva made the very long journey from Newcastle, in the north of England to China with her BSH companion and owner Alex. This will be their permanent home.


In her new home

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The early weeks

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Updated September 2011

Diva was the second or third kitten born in this litter and was tiny at birth. She weighed in at 88 grams, compared with her brothers and sisters who were all respectable weights well over 100 grams. However, she was a real survivor and before long had caught up with the others. She was a sweet natured little kitten when living with me and the first to try out new things. She absolutely adored her new owner, to the point he felt it was a good idea to get another cat as a friend for her as she demanded full time attention from him, making it difficult for him to work or do anything else! This was initially a moggie who belonged to a flat mate and when he moved out, Alex bought a British Short Hair companion and they both travelled together to China when she was about a year old. This is where they all live now.

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