Nordligdrom Catherine

Nordligdrøm Catherine - Female 6/11/08

Black Tortie Tabby. NFO f 23

Pedigree for Catherine

In her new home

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The early weeks

$2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2


October 2012

Jule's email - We’ve finally got round to decorating (long overdue) and have painted the living room soft almond and a couple of walls in classic red. Catherine (nicknamed Katerina) loves the red colour and it makes a good backdrop for her lovely dark coat. She’s really back to her old self again and doesn’t seem at all fazed by younger Emir anymore. I don’t know what has changed – she will even stop him as he passes and give him a good long sniff - something she would never have done before. I’m really pleased she’s so happy, so looks like Em (Emir) has to toe the line a bit more!!

September 2011

Another of the 'Lawrence' family cats, she was born a just after after the 'Bonfire Night' celebrations and all the litter have names associated with 5th November and Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the houses of Parliament in London, 1605. Catherine is named after a firework called 'the Catherine Wheel' which is a swirling circle throwing out bright colours and a bit like her coat with the flashes of red shooting through her dark coat pattern. She lives with Rocket and Emir

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